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House Painting Bay Area with Attitude

House Painting Bay Area with Attitude

House painting in the Bay Area gives you the prerogative to paint it in a way that offers a touch of your personality or design choices. Whether you’re the sunny type of person who loves cheery, energizing colors or the laid-back kind who tends to prefer muted and relaxing shades, the colors in your home speak well of your attitude.

Your home is your refuge, a sanctuary from the chaotic world. There are some rules to follow regarding choosing the colors of your home’s exterior (such as considering your home’s architecture or the color of the neighboring houses). But when it comes to interiors, you can paint them in any color that your heart desires.

Your home doesn’t have to look blah. You can tailor your home with the colors that match your flair for design, attitude, and personality.

Classic vibes

If soft colors catch your eye – light grays, winter whites, mauves, and blues – you’ll probably look at your home as your haven of calm. You may perceive such as soothing and tranquil. You’re traditional and perhaps a bit introverted. Make your home feel cozy and comfortable, a place that you genuinely look forward to going to after a tiring day, instead of going to a bar or somewhere else.

You want your home to be as stylish and sophisticated as possible, and you want to spruce it up with décor and design elements that can stand the test of time.

Love for nature

If you gravitate towards neutrals such as beiges, grays, browns, greens, blues, and whites, you’re probably well-balanced and practical. You love exploring the outdoors, and you may be an enthusiast for anything “sustainable” or “eco-friendly.” And if that’s so, you’re least likely to repaint your home every few years only because you’re tired of the color. Also, you’re likely to use non-toxic and eco-friendly paints made of natural ingredients.

Think about the wildflowers in an open meadow—your memories of a lakeside cabin getaway. And the bright sun, pink sands, azure skies, and the deep blue sea from your last beach vacation. You want to relive those moments with nature in your home.

As for the decorating and design, you want your home to look as minimal and uncomplicated as possible.

Going bold and funky

If you love jewel tones – such as amethyst, emerald, ruby, and sapphire – you probably want your home to be a showstopper. You’re probably outgoing, confident, and creative. You are the type who craves stimulation around your environment. And you won’t bat an eyelash if someone tags you a hipster.

You’re also not afraid to try new things because they fuel your excitement. The colors you choose for your home should reflect your dynamic personality – the more spectacular the colors, the better. As for your decorating style, you want your abode to look exotic and unique – something that wows your guests as they step into your home.

Free-spirited vibes

If warm shades are your bias – such as yellows, oranges, pinks, peaches, and any pastel shades – you’re likely to have a warm and cheerful personality. People find you friendly, approachable and nurturing. You’re the sort who loves to invite folks over to your house for some tea or host elaborate dinners for friends. As for preferences, you love certain flowers, such as sunflowers and daisies (because they look “sunny” and a bit untamed), clothes with floral or paisley patterns, and unplanned road trips (you love to traverse open spaces!). The colors you paint your home should be in tune with your free-spirited and fabulous personality.

Your design of choice tends to gravitate towards eclectic, retro, and bohemian.

Regardless of how big or small your house is, it’s essential to make it the place to relax, recharge, and feel free and comfortable after a long day. Your personality and design preferences should guide you into choosing the perfect color scheme to beautify your home. If you’re looking for more inspirational painting and design ideas, house painting in the Bay Area contractors are always here to help!


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