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House Painting in Concord: Quick Ways to Cover the Walls

House Painting in Concord: Quick Ways to Cover the Walls

House Painting in Concord: Quick Ways to Cover the Walls

House painting in Concord is something to consider for the times you want to change the look of your home. However, you don’t want any time-consuming paint projects or any other hassle (especially when you’re just renting). House painting, surprisingly, can be quick if you follow these five tips:

1. A clean surface is always a good surface for painting, and there’s no exception to that rule. If you want a much faster and less hassling way to clean the surface, you will need a sponge, trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaner, water, and that’s it. These items are effective and quick for removing dirt and grime that sticks on the surface. Be sure to buy a TSP concentrate (which you can mix it with water) as it’s cheaper than liquid TSP.

The TSP and water solution, together with the sponge, is effective in cleaning woodworks, as well as getting rid of grease and grime from the kitchen walls and cabinets.

2. You may notice some hard chunks or strands of hard paint sticking in your wall. To address this problem, pick them out and re-roll the area. Doing this so will take you about two minutes at the most, but it depends on how many hard paint strands you should remove.

Using rollers is definitely a quicker method for covering walls quickly when house painting as opposed to using a paintbrush. But you can use the paintbrush, too, but use it to cut in areas and for corners that the rollers can’t reach.

If you think using rollers is already a speedy way to paint, you can make it even faster by using a paint strainer, or a paint grid. A paint strainer is a piece of metal screen that latches onto the side of the bucket. Place the strainer over an empty 5-gallon bucket. Pour the bucket with paint but don’t overfill it; just fill the half of the bucket to leave much room for the strainer. Then dip your roller into the bucket with paint, and drain the excess paint by rolling against the paint grid. Then you’re on to painting! Using the paint grid leads to a smoother and more even paint coverage, not to mention it’s quick and causes less spillage and splatters.

3. You may want to cut in along all the trim, the ceiling, and the corners of your room at once. It’s actually quicker and better if you cut in just one wall at a time and then roll the rest of the wall immediately. When you’re ready to start the next wall, cut it in and paint the remainder of the wall. Believe us, doing this will end up in better results, as this reduces the chance of seeing lap marks.

4. If you want a quicker painting job, don’t bother covering all your trim with masking or painter’s tape. Masking the trim isn’t a guarantee that the paint won’t seep under the tape, and taking this step is a waste of time.

Just cover the horizontal trim such as baseboards where you could see the splatters on them as you paint. You don’t have to cover vertical trim like those of the doors and windows, but you do want to make sure to cut in carefully with your paintbrush so you don’t touch the trim with different color paint.

5. If you’re painting right-handed, start by rolling from the baseboard to ceiling to get the paint on the wall. Next, do this straight back down, without re-filling the roller. This is to make sure that the wall is adequately covered with paint. Then fill the roller and move about 3 inches to the right, and then do roll the paint again, from baseboard to ceiling, to feather out the leading edge.

When you reach to the uppermost part of the wall, move about six inches to the left and roll back down to the baseboard to even out any lap marks, without re-filling the roller.

Next, fill the roller this time and place it on the “feathered” part. Start the process all over again. Cut in along the baseboards and the ceiling as you paint by rolling horizontally. Rolling about three feet at a time is useful because the paint will remain wet as you roll the walls.

House painting doesn’t have to be time-consuming especially if you have some busy days ahead, are just renting a home, or if you’re expecting an important visitor in a few days and you want to impress them. These steps may be quick, but the quality will be almost the same as you may get it from a big painting job — a smooth and professional-looking finish from house painting in Concord.


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