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Painting Contractors Concord – Choosing the Right Paint Finish

Painting Contractors Concord – Choosing the Right Paint Finish

Painting Contractors Concord – Choosing the Right Paint Finish

When your house is starting to look old or dated, or you are just ready for a fresh or new look, your next project will likely be painting. Assume you have chosen your desired colors with your painting contractors in Concord.

Color is essential, and so is finish. It would help if you also decided which finish you prefer. This decision will affect factors such as luster, durability, washability, and the work involved in preparing the walls. One thing you do NOT want to do is mix finishes. The result usually differs from what you would expect and needs to be more consistent. Ultimately, it will derail your paint job. So, don’t even think of attempting it.

Different types of paint finishes

The options for paint finishes vary from flat or matte to high-gloss. There are six different finish choices, each with an extra level of shine.

1) Flat or matte finish

Paints with a flat or matte finish are non-reflective, so they don’t have any sheen. If you plan to paint again soon or in the near future, flat paints are ideal for applying to surfaces directly without requiring a primer.

Flat or matte paints are ideal for low-traffic areas like bedrooms and ceilings. They’re the best for hiding surface imperfections. However, they are also the least durable in the bunch, so they get easily damaged by brushing or using cleaning agents. Thus, flat paints are not cleaning-friendly and will need to be touched up with more of the same paint if it gets scratched or dirty.

Flat paints are also poor at resisting moisture, so they’re not ideal for spaces with high traffic and humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and hallways.

Quick facts about flat or matte finish:

  • Non-reflective finish
  • Conceals imperfections
  • Low durability
  • Low resistance to moisture
  • Ideal for low-traffic areas, such as ceilings.

2) Flat Enamel

If you haven’t heard of flat enamel, it resembles flat or matte paints. However, this finish tends to be more durable than flat or matte, making it ideal for door and window trim, powder rooms, guest bathrooms, and guest bedrooms, as it is more forgiving to occasional cleaning than flat. Some paint manufacturers label flat enamel paints as “matte” paints to distinguish them from their flat counterparts.

Quick facts about flat enamel finish:

  • Low- to non-reflective
  • Medium durability level
  • Ideal for low- to medium-traffic areas
  • Can stand up to occasional cleaning

3) Eggshell

As the name implies, the eggshell has a noticeable sheen similar to the shell of a chicken egg. You can see how it bounces light around the room when it’s on the walls. While eggshell is more lustrous than flat and flat enamel, it is less reflective than its glossier counterparts.

Eggshell is among the most popular paint finishes. It holds up to cleaning and can resist fingerprints and stains better than flat or matte. It also has good washability and can hide surface imperfections quite well. These qualities make eggshell finish ideal for bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, hallways, entryways, guest bathrooms, dining areas, and powder rooms. If your home has kids, an eggshell finish can be a very good option to protect the surfaces from moderate wear and tear.

Quick facts about eggshells:

  • It has a slight luster, like a chicken egg
  • Covers imperfections
  • Medium durability level
  • Good washability
  • Ideal for low- to medium-traffic areas

4) Satin

Despite the name, satin actually gives off a smooth, velvety look and feel. However, others say that satin has a pearl-like sheen. It has a bit more gloss than eggshell but doesn’t have the high reflectivity of its shinier counterparts.

Compared to eggshell, satin is more durable as it can withstand scratches, scuffing, dirt, moisture, and grime, and thus, easier to clean. It’s perfect for moderate to high-traffic areas like entryways, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, children’s playrooms, and laundry rooms. Satin is also ideal for siding, trim, railings, shutters, and cabinets.

But since satin is slightly glossy, it can highlight cracks or poorly patched areas of your home, so you need to prep the surface correctly before using this paint finish.

Quick facts about satin:

  • Soft, velvety- or pearl-like finish
  • Medium durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Ideal for medium- to high-traffic areas

5) Semi-gloss

Paints with semi-gloss finish are shinier and more reflective than eggshell and satin paints but less shiny and reflective than high-gloss paints. Semi-gloss typically has a 35% to 70% gloss level.

The finish is smooth, durable, resistant to markings and moisture, and easy to clean, making it the ideal choice for areas that get a lot of moisture and wear and tear, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, and entryways.

Semi-gloss has a nice subtle sheen without being too glitzy as high-gloss, making it the perfect option for trim, railings, sidings, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and other woodwork.

But since semi-gloss tends to highlight cracks and improperly patched surfaces, careful prep work must be needed if you choose this finish.

Quick facts about semi-gloss paints:

  • Noticeably shiny finish but not as shiny as high-gloss
  • High durability level
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to scuffing, moisture, mold, and mildew
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas

6) High-gloss or glossy

The shiniest of them all, paints with high-gloss or glossy finishes, have a sleek, reflective quality that mimics the appearance of plastic or enamel. High gloss is also the most durable and resistant to scuffing, moisture, and mold.

Although high-gloss paints are not widely used for interior walls due to their highly reflective, mirror-like appearance, they are becoming more popular for cabinets, furniture, woodwork, sidings, banisters, and trim. While you will only want to use a high-gloss finish for some of the room, as it tends to cause it to appear unfriendly and sterile, you can use it for accent walls to achieve a dramatic effect.

Despite being durable, high-gloss paints are the most susceptible to magnifying surface flaws, so careful and thorough cleaning, sanding, and priming on the surfaces are required before painting them with high-gloss paints.

Quick facts about high-gloss or glossy paints:

  • High gloss finish
  • High durability level
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to scuffing, moisture, mold, and mildew
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas

How to choose the right type of paint finish

If you need help deciding which surface to use for your next paint project, consider the following factors to help you choose the best finish for your space.

  • The type of surface – The surface type will help you determine the most appropriate finish. For example, if you’re painting kitchen cabinets, go for semi-gloss or high-gloss paints. Or if you’re painting a ceiling, choose flat paints. Eggshell or satin finishes are recommended for most interior walls.
  • The level of activity in an area – Medium- to high-traffic areas will need more durability than low-traffic areas. So, if you paint a high-traffic room, you should choose a paint finish that’s durable, resistant to scuffing and moisture, and easy to clean. It should also be able to hide stains and stand up to cleaning. Eggshell seems to be the ideal option for this.
  • Lighting – A room bathed in natural light will reflect paint finishes differently than a low-lit room or a room with artificial lighting. The more artificial the lighting or, the less natural light a room receives, it will need paints with a higher finish.
  • Color of the paint – The paint’s color can also help you determine the finish you want. If you choose a dark-colored paint, the shinier it will look on the walls. That’s because the darker, deeper, and richer a paint color has, the more pigment it contains, which enhances sheen. In turn, the paint will reveal more surface imperfections. This will cause you to choose paints with a low-level finish and less sheen.

Talk to your painting contractors in Concord; they will be glad to help you choose the right paint finish for your project.


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