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Painting Contractors Concord – Choosing the Right Paint Finish

Painting Contractors Concord – Choosing the Right Paint Finish

When your house is starting to look old or dated, or you are just ready for a fresh or new look, your next project is likely to be painting. Assume you have already chosen your desired colors with your painting contractors in Concord. There is more to consider on the project than just color. You also need to decide which finish you prefer. This decision will affect such factors as luster, wash ability, and the work involved in preparing the walls. One thing you do NOT want to do is mix finishes. The result is not usually what you would expect, and is also not consistent.

The options for paint finishes vary from flat, or matte, to high-gloss. There are six different finish choices, each with a different level of shine.

The flat, or matte, finish is exactly as it sounds. With no shine, this is a good choice for a rustic looking wall, or one that has a lot of imperfections to hide. Most often used for interior walls, this finish is not cleaning-friendly and will need to be touched up with more of the same paint if it gets scratched or dirty.

Flat enamel has just the barest hint of shine. It is durable and can be lightly cleaned occasionally, unlike flat. This is most often used for trim and less used areas.

Eggshell has about the same amount of shine as the average egg shell (thus the name). This finish cleans better than the previous two. It is a good choice for average walls, though perhaps not for high traffic areas.

Satin is a smooth, velvety finish that is often found on doors and trim. This finish can be cleaned, and even lightly scrubbed, making it possible to use it on areas that get more use, such as doorframes and window frames, and possibly baseboards.

Semi gloss is not high gloss, but is almost an average between the two ends. It can be easily cleaned, but is very durable. You do need to prepare the walls before using this finish, though, as it will show some of the imperfections (though not as much as high gloss will).

Glossy is the highest gloss and is a very reflective finish. This means that every little imperfection will show through. Walls must be carefully sanded and primed before using this finish. It gives a very dramatic look to trim and cabinets, but you will not want to use this finish for a whole room, as it tends to cause a room to appear unfriendly and sterile.

Talk to your painting contractors in Concord; they will be glad to assist you in choosing the right paint finish for your project.


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