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Save Headaches and Time While House Painting in San Ramon

Save Headaches and Time While House Painting in San Ramon

Save Headaches and Time While House Painting in San Ramontitle=

House painting in San Ramon is a cost-effective and easy way to enliven the look and the feel of your space. But behind all these impeccably and smoothly-painted walls and trims is the amount of work that was put into them. There’s cleaning the surfaces, fixing any surface flaws, covering parts that you don’t want to paint, and priming, that is necessary before you can do the painting itself.

These processes will take a lot of time and effort, and often, can give you headaches! But following these suggestions can make your job as hassle-free as possible.

1. Create a paint station

This may seem like a no-brainer, but before you could actually roll up your sleeves and start painting, first arrange the necessary tools in one place. Set up a pouring and mixing station where you will keep all the paints as well as the painting trays and buckets. It’s recommended that you place the painting station on one side, away from foot traffic. This will help avoid making paint marks from paint on the bottom of your shoes as you go your way to paint, as well as eliminate the chances of a major paint spill.

2. Measure the space first

Before going to the paint store, determine how much paint you will actually need by taking accurate measurements of your space. Measure the height and the width of the walls, the trim, around doors and windows. Having such information will allow the paint salesperson to help you determine the right amount of paint you will need. Also take note of the type of surface your space has. Usually, a textured surface needs more paint than a smooth surface.

Keep these measurements so you will have them handy the next time you want or need to repaint your room. This will keep you from having to do the measuring again, which will reduce the time needed before you can begin.

3. Clear the space being painted of as much as possible

Imagine, how well will you be able to paint with all the furniture in the room? It’s important to remove all furniture, decor, electrical installations, as much as possible so that the paint won’t get on them or into them. If you cannot move some items from the room, it is best to cover them. A clutter-free space will allow for more room to work (and won’t make your mind cluttered, for sure!).

4. Do the necessary prep work

It may be time-consuming to clean the walls, patch any cracks or holes on them, and apply primer, but it can make such a difference. If you look at it, you will realize that this part actually saves you time in the long run. A clean, repaired, and primed surface will help paint to adhere to it more effectively, thus, it makes painting take less time and effort.

5. Choose good quality paint!

There are a lot of cheaper paints around and you’d think that you’ll save a lot of money in buying them. This may be true at first, but most cheaper paints are of poor quality which means they require more coats — and the more coats your walls need, the more paint that you’ll need to buy! Good quality paint may be more expensive, but using them requires fewer coats since it is formulated with superior ingredients. Using the best quality paint you can afford allows for less time and effort in house painting, and at the same time helps you save money over the course of time.

6. Choose good quality tools

Even if you use the best quality paints, using poor quality tools can lead to a shoddy finish. Good quality painting tools are more durable and long-lasting, which eliminates the need to buy more tools in the years the come. Poor quality rollers may leave fibers behind and poor quality paint brushes may leave pieces of the brush. Each will affect the quality of the finished paint job and how it looks.

As a DIYer, you know what you want when house painting in San Ramon: less expense, less effort, and less time needed to get the results you want. When you achieve these, it will also mean fewer headaches!


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