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Washing Flat Walls After House Painting in Danville

Washing Flat Walls After House Painting in Danville

When you are interior house painting in Danville one of the most common paints used is flat paint. It lacks any luster so it is the dullest and most non-reflective among all other paint finishes. A flat paint can hide surface imperfections, making the walls look more smooth and uniform. Plus, it gives off a rich color.

However, flat paint’s greatest disadvantage is its inability to resist dirt and damage. It’s not as durable as paints with glossy finishes. And you’d only ruin it further if you attempt to clean the stain off the flat paint because scrubbing and/or the chemical reaction in cleaning agents.

The dirt clings onto the paint’s porous texture, making the surfaces laborious to clean. That’s why you need extra care in washing flat paints to make sure that they won’t be damaged in the process. In case the flat-painted walls are stained, here are some great tips on how to clean them:

  1. The things you will need:
    • Two sponges
    • Two buckets
    • Laundry or dish detergent (make sure that they’re not too harsh)
    • Warm water
    • Dry, clean soft cloth, rag or towel
    • Spray foam cleanser (optional)
  2. First, remove the dust, cobwebs, etc. from the surface. You can do this by sweeping the walls with a broom or by using a duster.
  3. Fill the two buckets with warm water. Add a small amount of the laundry or dish detergent in one bucket, while just leaving the water plain in the other. Put a sponge in each bucket.
  4. Use the one sponge from a bucket of plain water, then squeeze it remove the excess water. Wipe in gentle, circular motions to make sure that you won’t be damaging the paint.
  5. Plain water may be enough to remove the stains and dirt on the wall. But if the dirt is a bit too stubborn, you may use the sponge with the soapy water. Take that sponge and squeeze it to remove excess water.
  6. Rub the walls with soapy sponge — in a gentle, circular motion to avoid damaging the paint. Start cleaning from the lower part of the wall and then to upper part. This will prevent the soapy water from dripping down the wall.
  7. Rinse the wall with just plain water. Then pat it dry while using a clean, soft cloth, rag or towel.

You may use the spray foam cleanser in removing the stains and dirt on the flat walls, but you have to make sure that you use the mildest one. To test if the spray foam cleanser is gentle for flat paints, spray it on a surface in an inconspicuous location. If you see a mess forming on the sprayed area, then the cleanser is considered too harsh. Otherwise, if the surface remains quite intact, then the cleanser considered safe to use for cleaning flat-painted walls.

Once you’re sure that the spray foam cleanser is gentle, follow the label directions. The instructions may vary depending on the manufacturer but they usually mean spraying on the surface and leaving it for an appropriate amount of time. Then wipe it off with clean, damp cloth.

Flat paints may be the best paints for your walls, but there are times where they can form stains or become quite dirty. When that happens, it’s time to clean them properly. If you don’t clean the walls periodically, stains and dirt will only get stuck on the walls, making them look worse and even harder to clean as time passes.

That being said, it is easy to ruin the paint by using improper cleaning methods. If you are not sure about cleaning flat-painted walls properly you may follow these steps above. Or contact your professional painting contractor such as Custom Paint, Inc. They can give you tips about washing flat-painted walls after house painting in Danville.


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