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Cabinet Colors for Kitchens When House Painting in Concord

Cabinet Colors for Kitchens When House Painting in Concord

Renovating a kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to tear down the old, gloomy-looking cabinets and replace them with newer ones. Simple house painting in Concord can do the trick to change the look of your kitchen cabinets almost radically.

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, then that’s the time you re-paint kitchen, including the kitchen cabinets. You’ll let your personality shine through with your choice of colors. Here are some color suggestions for re-painting kitchen cabinets:

  1. White
    White is utterly the simplest yet the most classic color. It never goes out of style nor is it outdated. It is a functional color, too. When your kitchen is especially small and cramped, you can paint your kitchen with white to make your space appear bright and spacious. When you paint your kitchen cabinets white, it will allow more opportunity to highlight or give accent to other colors on walls, countertops and furniture.
  2. Green
    If you want to add a splash of color, decide to go green! Green is a color of nature, so applying it to your kitchen cabinets will give them a refreshing look to your kitchen. Not all greens will look great in the kitchen, though — for instance, would you settle for a neon green that will scream in your kitchen cabinets? It’s all about carefully choosing the right shade of green. Apple, lime, pea, mint, grass, and forest are among the ideal shades for kitchen cabinets. You can also derive color inspiration from the veggies in your kitchen such as celery, cabbage, broccoli, or Brussels sprouts. Dark greens like forest will work better in spacious kitchens. If your kitchen is small but you still want to paint the cabinets green, choose paint with gloss (such as eggshell). They will reflect some light.
  3. Black
    Black will give a feeling of sleekness, boldness, and drama to your kitchen. It’s the way you blend black kitchen cabinets with walls, countertops, floors, and lighting that will lead you to a successful kitchen painting job. Black kitchen cabinets with white countertops, walls, etc., will give your kitchen a clean, modern look. When you pair black with gray, it will give your kitchen a more elegant look while gray tones down the boldness of black. Like any other colors, too much black can be too overwhelming. Using contrasting colors will provide a strong impression to your guests.
  4. Yellow
    If your kitchen doesn’t receive enough natural light or if you want to use some visual glow in your kitchen, yellow may be the perfect color for the cabinets. Like white, yellow makes a kitchen look bright, but it is otherwise warm (unlike white which can make the room look stolid and cold). Since the kitchen is the center of family activities, it makes a lot of sense to bring a burst of sunshine into the space. Since it is a warm color, it will also help to whet your appetite — think of the yellow in eggs, lemons, butternut squash, bell peppers, mustard, bananas, and corn. The kitchens of country cottages usually use yellow for their cabinets, but really it will work in any other style of a kitchen. It’s all about your choice of yellow hues and how well you will use them.
  5. Gray
    Gray? Doesn’t it make your kitchen gloomy? Not so. Gray will bring an amount of sophistication into your kitchen. Using the right amount of gray on your cabinets will make your kitchen look quite high-end, without spending a lot. Gray will work well in both contemporary and traditional kitchens.
  6. Red
    There’s no other color that is able to bring more energy, warmth, and “spice” to a room than red. When used in the right manner and amount, red will look definitely eye-popping. Red helps stimulate the appetite and fires up a passion towards food. Because red is such as powerful color, you need to balance it with other colors. For instance, pair your red cabinets with white countertops and walls, and add black and silver-looking stainless steel appliances. This will tone down the drama of red, making your kitchen look more inviting.

Who says you have to spend a lot to make a kitchen makeover? You will not believe that simply house painting in Concord can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinets can definitely bring a whole new and exciting look to your kitchen.


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