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Over the years, a lot of painting service companies have operated in Pleasant Hill, CA, but only a select few are regarded as the best, and one of those is Custom Painting, Inc. Our company opened in 1982, and it has been operating for more than 40 years now, and has worked on thousands of projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Every project we take on is always guaranteed to use premium paints and materials.
Every project we take on is always guaranteed to use premium paints and materials. Our company provides more services in addition to painting commercial and residential buildings in Pleasant Hill. Below is some information on these services.

Residential services

Residential services

  • Interior Painting - The process of painting different rooms and other interior spaces of a home is known as interior painting. Our professional painters utilize high-quality, non-toxic water-based paints for interior painting.
  • Exterior Painting - Exterior painting is the technique through which painters apply color to the walls and other exterior features of a house. For this service, our expert painters utilize paints that are able to withstand various weather conditions as well as stains from dirt and grit.
  • Drywall Repair and Texture - Gypsum or calcium sulfate dihydrate, the material used to manufacture drywall, is very susceptible to moisture, making it more vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, you can call Custom Painting, Inc. to repair or replace the damaged drywall in your home if it has been damaged by floods or a lot of moisture. The fantastic thing about the business' drywall repair services is that they will also patch up and paint the drywall where the damage has been repaired so that it won't appear to have recently been fixed.
  • Exterior Staining - Applying wood stain is a terrific method to preserve the wood grain on your exterior walls if you like the way it looks. You should choose Custom Painting, Inc. in Pleasant Hill for a quicker and more convenient procedure of staining exterior walls. They can quickly and effectively apply wood stain to the exterior of your home.
  • Door Refinish-Varnish - As one of the most used and touched components of the house, doors frequently require refinishing. If one or more of your home's doors need to be refinished, you can simply contact Custom Painting, Inc. so that you won't struggle to refinish the doors on your own. Custom Painting, Inc. offers exceptional door refinish-varnish services in Pleasant Hill.
  • Color Consulting for Painting - You may get color advice for interior and exterior paints from Custom Painting, Inc. in Pleasant Hill if you're having trouble deciding on the perfect shade of paint for your home's exterior as well as its interior. There are tens of thousands of paint colors available, but with Custom Painting, Inc.'s assistance, it will be simpler to narrow your options down to a select few.
  • Deck Staining - As they are frequently exposed to numerous hazardous factors outside, preserving the wood tiles or panels used for outdoor decks may be particularly challenging for homeowners. As a result, these tiles or panels would need to be stained with a coating that not only enhances their look but also their resilience if they were to endure longer. Fortunately, Custom Painting, Inc. offers deck staining services for residents of Pleasant Hill.
  • Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting - Painting vinyl and aluminum siding is a technique for bringing color to siding made of either material. Siding is a type of plastic outside panel intended to dress up and insulate exterior walls from the elements.
  • Light Carpentry - One of the most effective services in Pleasant Hill for light carpentry, such as installation, installment, and minor repairs, is provided by Custom Painting, Inc. So, if your home simply needs minor repairs in a few places, get in touch with Custom Painting, Inc. to find out what kind of work is required and how much it will cost.
  • Concrete Staining and Epoxy Finish - You would need to have concrete floors tinted or coated with epoxy in order to make them seem smoother and more durable. You can decide whether you want epoxy coating, a stain-resistant coating that is simpler to clean and maintain, or concrete staining, which creates a permanent link with the concrete so that the floor won't peel or chip off.
  • Power Washing - Power washing is a technique for cleaning exterior surfaces like floors and walls using extremely pressurized water. It is efficient at removing tough dirt, grime, algae, and other substances adhered to exterior surfaces by either peeling them off or washing them away. Custom Painting, Inc. in Pleasant Hill also provides power washing services for clients who desire a spotless front or backyard in addition to painting, repairing, and installing.
  • Faux Painting Service - Try our faux painting service if you want specific walls, floors, or ceilings to resemble marble, stone, or other materials with attractive or alluring surfaces. In the technique of faux painting, our professional painters imitate the appearance of marble, stone, and other ornamental finishes on the already-existing wood or cement on the walls of a home. Faux painting is very elaborate, and it would take much longer to complete it than conventional interior or exterior painting.
  • Decorative Painting Service - Painting a wall decoratively entails applying different patterns and forms to it. Decorative painting concentrates on just adding art to a wall as opposed to fake painting, which covers the entire wall with finishes like marble and stone. If Pleasant Hill clients hire our company's decorative painting service, they can choose to add paintings of flowers or other objects on specific walls in their homes.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting - You may avail of our kitchen cabinet painting service if your kitchen has unpainted cabinets. The paints that our painters use for kitchen cabinets have protective qualities that increase the cabinets' durability while being safe for various types of wood.
  • Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting - Try our cabinet repair and repainting service if your kitchen cabinets are already painted, but the paint has already chipped off or shown symptoms of damage. Through repainting or refinishing, you can make sure that your kitchen cabinets look brand new once more.
  • Wallpaper Removal - Wallpaper removal can be challenging, especially if you attempt to do it alone. But you may hire our expert painters and use their wallpaper removal service if you want to remove old or damaged wallpaper quickly and easily.
  • Wood Rot Repair and Paint - In order to reduce the damage and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the wall or ceiling, you should hire a professional to repair and refinish any wood that shows indications of rotting in your home. One of Pleasant Hill's top companies for painting and repairing wood rot is Custom Painting, Inc.
  • Stucco Painting and Repair - Water, a binder, and aggregates are the main components of the construction material stucco. You would need to hire professionals to paint on stucco and fix any damage that may emerge on its surface because stucco may be challenging to maintain. Fortunately, Custom Painting, Inc. offers some of the best painting and repair services for stucco if you live in Pleasant Hill.
  • Custom Crown Molding and Trim Installation and Painting - You can avail of Custom Painting, Inc.'s custom crown molding and trim installation and painting service to improve the appearance of the walls and ceiling of your home. Our team of experts will carefully and properly install and paint crown moldings and trims for your home. A type of decorative panel known as crown molding can be positioned between the top of the wall and the ceiling. Your property will have lovely crown moldings that are carefully installed thanks to Custom Painting, Inc.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal - The uneven distribution of the paint on the surface of acoustic ceilings, commonly referred to as popcorn ceilings, gives them a coarser texture than other ceilings. Acoustic ceilings have a rough texture to disguise damage or flaws and provide acoustic insulation, which lowers indoor noise. You would already need to have the acoustic ceiling removed by calling Custom Painting, Inc. if there are evident symptoms of damage on its surface.

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Commercial services

Commercial service

  • Interior Painting - Commercial buildings or enterprises might use the same interior painting service that is offered to homeowners. However, because businesses, restaurants, and other establishments are typically much larger than homes, the painting procedure can occasionally be much more extensive.
  • Exterior Painting - Similar to interior painting, the exterior painting service provided by Custom Painting, Inc. for commercial buildings is more involved and labor-intensive than that provided for residential buildings. The durability and longevity of external paints used on commercial buildings are comparable to that of residential ones.
  • Pressure Washing - The most efficient way to remove dirt, filth, and algae from exterior floors or walls of buildings or structures is via pressure washing. We use an industrial-grade pressure washer that sprays water at high pressure and is used for pressure washing commercial buildings.
  • Wallpaper Removal - Custom Painting, Inc. can assist in removing outdated and damaged wallpaper from a building or company without leaving any trace. If the color behind the wallpaper is unappealing, we can also paint your walls after the wallpaper has been removed.
  • Awning Removal - Awnings are excellent for placing in front of windows and doors to give shade for anyone standing outside or sitting on chairs put close to the windows. The main materials used to make awnings are cotton or polyester, both of which degrade and become dirty over time. You can hire us to remove the old awnings and install new ones when they are already very dusty and damaged.
  • Rusty Metal Door Painting - Commercial buildings and businesses typically use metal doors since they survive longer than wooden doors, which may need to be replaced after a few years. However, some metal doors are prone to rusting, so if your establishment's doors already have a lot of rust, get a pro from Custom Painting, Inc. to paint on the doors so that they seem brand new once again.
  • Commercial Stenciling - You may try commercial stenciling, a technique used to offer indicators for customers visiting an institution, to show where people can park and safely use a wheelchair if your business establishment includes a ramp and parking space for PWDs (persons with disabilities). Typically, these signs are used to designate fire lanes, no-parking zones, PWD ramps, reserved parking spaces, etc. For Pleasant Hill business owners, Custom Painting, Inc. provides commercial stenciling services for different needs.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal - Acoustic ceilings, often known as popcorn ceilings, are quite common in commercial buildings because they may help conceal flaws in huge ceilings while also lowering interior noise levels, which in turn helps reduce noise levels within sizable buildings like bars and restaurants. There may be instances where the acoustic ceilings have already sustained too much harm from exposure to damp or water. Therefore, these acoustic ceilings must be taken down and replaced.
  • T1-11 Siding Painting - T1-11 siding is made up of two-layered panels. While the second layer is slightly narrower and is bonded on top of the first layer, the first layer is strongly adhered to another panel. The top or second layer, which is thinner, causes gaps between each panel that, from a distance, resemble stripes. You may hire Custom Painting, Inc. to install this type of siding for your building or business.
  • Breakroom Kitchen Cabinets - Businesses in Pleasant Hill may call Custom Painting, Inc. to install and paint on breakroom kitchen cabinets if they want a kitchen with lots of storage cabinets or compartments. These breakroom kitchen cabinets are made to be mounted on the top and bottom portions of the wall, with a counter in the middle for placing kitchen sinks and appliances.
  • Brick Waterproofing - It's crucial for exposed brick walls to be waterproof in order to prevent the bricks' deterioration and discoloration from exposure to moisture or water. Brick waterproofing services are offered by Custom Painting, Inc. to Pleasant Hill business owners.
  • Concrete Ceiling Repair - Concrete is a relatively resilient substance that frequently lasts longer than wood and needs less upkeep. However, over time, concrete can still sustain damage, so if your business has concrete ceilings, you may need to periodically check them for symptoms of deterioration. You may hire us to patch up any damages to your concrete ceiling if there are any.
  • Wood Rot Repair - You may also call us to properly repair and patch up any deteriorating areas of walls or ceilings in the interior or exterior of your commercial establishment. If you want to find a solution for rotting wood so that it won't get worse, you would need professional assistance because DIY wood rot repair can be very challenging.
  • Commercial Stucco Repair and Paint - Stucco is a material that is frequently used in commercial buildings because it is rot-resistant and somewhat long-lasting. However, there are some circumstances in which stucco can be damaged by being struck by sharp items, being exposed to excessive moisture or water, or both. It is preferable to get in touch with a repair and paint service business if there is stucco damage in various areas so that the damage may be fixed right away. Custom Painting, Inc. also provides painting services for stucco in addition to repairs.

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Custom Installation

Custom Installation

Custom crown molding and trim installation and painting – Our custom crown molding services can give an additional flair to your interiors.

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Ceiling Removal

Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceiling removal – Scraping off acoustic ceilings is time-consuming, messy, and possibly hazardous. Leave the job to our crew

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WOW! WOW! WOW! So impressed with the quality of the workmanshipp. Norman andf his crew started ontime, finished ontime. AND CAME IN UNDEER BUDGET!!! Great experience, I would highkly recommend them.

- Jeff Firestone, Pleasant Hill, 10/12/23

Exemplary, professional service that exceeded value!

Custom Painting Inc. did some exterior painting for me. They came to my home, and they gave me a fair quote on the price. They also offered me a variety of ways to pay for the work. I felt like the painter honored my house, my money and my time! I have already been recommending them to others!

- Veronica D., Pleasant Hill, CA on 09/12/2022

A pleased customer!

I requested an estimate from Custom Painting Inc, and the owner is the one who came out to give it. I had a series of questions I asked him, as I asked the other companies I interviewed.

I liked the straightforward answers he gave me for the specific questions I asked. I didn't get that from the other two people I interviewed. I felt he was direct and honest, and I had a gut feeling. So right there on the spot I accepted his offer, or he accepted mine.

It was the first time I used Custom Painting, and it was actually the first time I hired anyone to do painting. I was having a problem around the perimeter of most of my walls. It was peeling up near the ceiling, and nobody seemed to be able to figure out what it was.

In the meantime I had the idea of having crown molding installed, and I asked the owner of Custom Painting if he thought that would work. He said it would work perfectly, and they installed the molding as a part of the job they did.

They really did an excellent job! The three young men came and worked here for about three or four days. It ended up taking a day less than they estimated it would be. The three young men were very polite and went about their business.

They didn't do a lot of chatting, but they had really good teamwork. They were very considerate, and they cleaned up after themselves. I was very pleased with the entire experience! It wasn't the lowest bid I got, but they did an excellent job!

- Ruth K., Walnut Creek, CA on 02/27/2014

Custom Painting is professional and efficient.

Custom Painting were very professional. They were responsive and reliable. They came out and gave us an estimate and we worked out a schedule.
They arrived on time and went right to work. They got the job done within a day, like they had planned. They did a really terrific job painting, they were very meticulous. The paint job was very clear, clean, consistent and the cut-ins were well done too. We highly recommend their services, they are fantastic!

- Bob & Kim B., Walnut Creek, CA on 03/29/2011

Why Choose Us?

It might be challenging to complete jobs like painting, repairing, and installing without the aid of a professional. Therefore, you may get in touch with Custom Painting, Inc. to schedule an appointment and get free estimates for your needed repairs, installations, and painting projects.
Homeowners and business owners in Pleasant Hill may call (925) 686-0903 or use this form to contact Custom Painting, Inc.

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