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Wallpaper Removal

Removal old wallpapers

It is important to have a well-maintained and visually appealing commercial space. Wallpaper is among the popular choices for interior décor in offices, stores, and other commercial establishments. However, it can become worn, outdated, or damaged over time. When you think it’s time to refresh your commercial property, you can trust the professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. to handle the complex task of commercial wallpaper removal. 

Wallpaper removal in commercial spaces needs precision, expertise, and efficiency to ensure minimal disruptions to business operations. We have a team of skilled professionals who can help deliver seamless wallpaper removal services tailored to the unique needs of your commercial property. 

Read on below to discover how Custom Painting, Inc. can transform your space, help you save time and money, and elevate your commercial space’s aesthetic appeal.

Reasons to Remove Wallpaper in Commercial Spaces

There are different reasons why a business opts for wallpaper removal. Below are some of the most common ones:

  • To switch to a new design: If you want to freshen up your business space and give it a new look, having your wallpaper removed is a good idea. This can change the area’s design and have a fresher feel.
  • To remodel your business: You can also choose our wallpaper removal services if you are thinking of remodeling your business. Removing wallpaper is a big part of updating your space and making it look more modern.
  • To replace old and damaged wallpaper or paint walls: Many business owners also choose to remove their wallpaper because they are old, worn, or damaged. Some may choose to install new ones after the old ones are removed, while others choose to have the walls painted instead. 

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What We Offer

Removing wallpaper in commercial spaces can be frustrating and may take a lot of time. Sometimes, the process can also be tricky, as a single mistake can lead to unnecessary damage to the interior walls. Therefore, it is better to let professionals handle wallpaper removal. At Custom Painting, Inc., our team will prepare your commercial space to protect it while transforming the area properly. Below are some of the steps and procedures we offer when it comes to wallpaper removal:

  • Initial Walkthrough and Assessment: Our specialists here at Custom Painting, Inc. will visit your commercial space to identify key points around the area to focus on. Some clients may want to remove wallpaper from only one area, while others are requesting a total removal process for the whole office, store, restaurant, etc. Our team is ready to help you regardless of how big or small your space and the project is.
  • Wallpaper Removal Process: When we remove wallpaper, our experts see to it that they do it gently to prevent the walls from being damaged. The difficulty of wallpaper removal depends on how long the wallpaper has been applied and how loose it has become. If you want the process to be done as fast as possible, we also utilize steam to aid in quick wallpaper removal.
  • Wall Repair: After the wallpaper removal, our team also does repairs on the wall. This part can become time-consuming if you try to remove the wallpaper and dig a blade too deeply into the wall, as it may have caused indentations on the drywall. We need to ensure that the surface is free from any damage and imperfection before we paint the walls.
  • Wall Priming: After all the needed repairs, our team will apply a fresh coat of primer to the walls. This will serve as a base coat to protect the surface from further abrasions that may need repairs. 
  • Wall Painting: If you decide to have a new wall color, our final step is painting after the wallpaper removal process. This will give your commercial space a new look and feel, and there will no longer be any worries about wear and tear for a long time. 

Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc.

Custom Painting, Inc. offers expert wallpaper removal services for commercial spaces. When you choose to hire our professionals, below are some of the benefits that you can get:

We can help prevent damage to walls.

If the people who will remove the wallpaper are not knowledgeable about the proper tools and techniques, they could likely damage your walls. Incorrect wallpaper removal techniques may lead to extensive and expensive patching and repair. If you want to avoid this, choose our team of trained professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. We assure you that we will finish the task promptly without putting your walls at risk of damage.

We can help you save time and energy.

Wallpaper removal may seem like an easy task for a lot of people, it actually comes with a lot of preparations and steps in order to achieve a successful and clean outcome. Therefore, save yourself the headache and frustration and leave the daunting task to our professionals. This way, you’ll be able to save time and energy.

We clean up after the task is done.

Sometimes, the effort it takes to clean up a space after a project is overlooked. When you remove wallpaper, the work area can become messy. But at Custom Painting, Inc., we will ensure that we’ll leave your commercial space free of any trash and debris when the project is completed. 

We will help you improve the look of your business space.

Aside from removing old wallpaper and cleaning up, our professionals will also repair any damage on your wall and repaint the interior walls of your business space to give it a fresh and new look. 

Therefore, if you are in need of wallpaper removal services for your commercial space, Custom Painting, Inc. is here for you. In addition to that, we also offer other services, such as interior and exterior painting, acoustic ceiling removal, rusty metal door painting, wood rot repair and paint, and more, which can all help improve the look of your business. 

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