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Numerous painting service businesses have operated in Livermore, CA over the years. Still, only a few are considered the best, and one of these few businesses is Custom Painting, Inc.

This particular custom painting company has been around for more than 40 years. Custom Painting, Inc. has already provided service for thousands of properties and houses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Below are the services offered by Custom Painting, Inc. in Livermore.

Residential services

Residential services

  • Interior Painting - Interior painting is the process where painters would paint various rooms and other interior areas of the house. For interior painting, professional painters would often use water-based, safe paint.
  • Exterior Painting - As its name already suggests, exterior painting is how painters add color to the walls and other areas of a house's exterior. The paints typically used for exterior painting resist weather, dirt, and discoloration.
  • Faux Painting Service - Try the faux painting service if you want specific walls, floors, or ceilings to look like marble, stone, and other materials with elegant or mesmerizing surfaces. Faux painting is a process where painters replicate the look of marble, rock, and different decorative finishes onto the existing wood or cement on a house's walls. Because of how intricate faux painting is, the process would take much longer compared to regular interior or exterior painting.
  • Decorative Painting Service - Decorative painting involves adding various shapes and patterns onto a wall. Unlike faux painting, which paints an entire wall with finishes like marble and stone, decorative painting focuses on simply adding art onto a wall. Clients in Livermore can prefer to add artworks of flowers or other objects to particular walls on their house if they avail of the company's decorative painting service.
  • Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting - Vinyl and aluminum siding painting is the method of adding color to siding made from either vinyl or aluminum. Siding is a form of plastic exterior panels used as decoration and weatherproofing for exterior walls.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting - If you have unfinished cabinets in the kitchen, then you should avail the kitchen cabinet painting service from Custom Painting, Inc. at Livermore. The paints used for kitchen cabinets are safe for different types of wood and have protective properties that make the cabinets much more durable.
  • Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting - If you already have painted cabinets in the kitchen, but the paint has already chipped off or showed signs of damage, you should get the cabinet refinishing and repainting service. This service ensures that the kitchen cabinets look brand new again through repainting or refinishing. 
  • Wallpaper Removal - Removing wallpaper can be pretty tricky, especially if you are going to do it alone. For easy and quick removal of old or damaged wallpaper, you should hire Custom Painting, Inc. and avail of their wallpaper removal service.
  • Wood Rot Repair and Repaint - If there are signs of rotting in the wood of the walls or ceilings of your home, you should get a professional to repair and repaint the rotting sections so that the damage won't spread to other sections of the wall or ceiling. Custom Painting, Inc. offers one of Livermore's best wood rot repair and repaint services.
  • Stucco Painting and Repair - Stucco is a construction material made of water, a binder (a substance that holds materials together), and aggregates (coarse or medium-grained materials like sand, crushed stone, and gravel). Stucco can be challenging to maintain, so you would need to hire professionals to paint and repair any damage that may appear on its surface. Fortunately, if you live in Livermore, you can hire Custom Painting, Inc. for one of the best stucco painting and repair services.
  • Custom Crown Molding and Trim Installation and Painting - For those who want to elevate the look of the walls and ceiling of their home's interior, you can avail of the custom crown molding and trim installation and painting service from Custom Painting, Inc., who will carefully and expertly install and paint crown moldings and trims for your home. Crown molding is a form of decorative panels that can be placed between the top part of the wall and the ceiling. With the help of Custom Painting, Inc., your home will have beautiful crown moldings installed neatly and professionally.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal - Acoustic ceilings, also known as popcorn ceilings, are a popular style of ceiling with a rougher texture compared to most ceilings because of how uneven pieces of styrofoam are spread on their surface. The rough texture of acoustic ceilings is meant to hide damages or imperfections while offering acoustic insulation, which reduces or prevents outdoor noise. If signs of wear or damage are already visible on the surface of the acoustic ceiling, then you would already have to get it repaired by contacting Custom Painting, Inc.
  • Drywall Repair and Texture - Drywall is a panel made of gypsum (also known as calcium sulfate dihydrate). This mineral is highly vulnerable to moisture, making it more susceptible to water damage. So, if there is damage to your home's drywall due to flooding or excessive moisture, you can hire Custom Painting, Inc. to repair or replace damaged wall sections of the drywall. What's great about the company's drywall repair services is that they will also patch up and paint the fixed areas of the drywall, so you can't tell it was recently repaired.
  • Exterior Staining - If you like the look of the wood grain of your exterior walls, then a great way to preserve it is to apply exterior wood stain. For a more convenient and faster process of staining exterior walls, you should get the services of Custom Painting, Inc. in Livermore, who will be able to apply wood stain to the exterior of your home quickly and efficiently.
  • Door Refinish-Varnish - Doors would often need a refinish, as they are arguably some of the home's most used and touched parts. Custom Painting, Inc. offers excellent door refinish-varnish services in Livermore, so if one or more of your house's doors need a refinish, you can contact Custom Painting, Inc. so that you won't have a difficult time refinishing the doors on your own.
  • Color Consulting for Painting - Suppose you need help choosing the right paint color for your home's interior and exterior. In that case, you can contact Custom Painting, Inc. in Livermore so that they can offer color consulting for interior and exterior paints. There are thousands of colors to choose from in terms of paint, and with the help of Custom Painting, Inc., you will have an easier experience trimming down your choices to just a few colors. 
  • Concrete Staining and Epoxy Finish - For concrete floors to feel smoother and more durable, you need to have them stained or finished with epoxy. You can choose if you want to get concrete staining, which forms a permanent bond with the concrete so that the floor won't peel or chip off, or epoxy coating, a stain-resistant coat that is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Deck Staining - For homeowners with an outdoor deck, maintaining the wood tiles or panels used for the deck can be very difficult, as they are often exposed to many harmful elements outdoors. So, for these tiles or panels to last longer, they need to be stained with a coating that improves their appearance and durability. Fortunately, if you live in Livermore, you can get deck staining services from Custom Painting, Inc.
  • Light Carpentry - Custom Painting, Inc. offers one of the most efficient services in Livermore for light carpentry installation and minor repairs. So, if you only need minor repairs for specific areas of your house, contact Custom Painting, Inc. to let them know what repairs are needed and how much you will need to spend for those repairs.
  • Power Washing - Power washing cleans outdoor surfaces like floors and walls using highly pressurized water, effectively peeling off or washing away stubborn dirt, grime, algae, and other elements stuck on outdoor surfaces. Besides painting, repairing, and installing, Custom Painting, Inc. in Livermore also offers power washing for customers who want a clean front yard or backyard.

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Commercial services

Commercial service

  • Interior Painting - Commercial buildings or establishments often need to have walls repainted. However, the painting process can sometimes be much more extensive since offices, restaurants, and other establishments are usually much larger than houses, and more people are in them.
  • Exterior Painting - Like interior painting, the exterior painting service that Custom Painting, Inc. offers for commercial establishments is more extensive and requires more work than the one provided for homes. Exterior paints for commercial use are as durable and long-lasting as the exterior paints used for residential buildings. 
  • Breakroom Kitchen Cabinets - For establishments in Livermore that want to have a kitchen with many storage cabinets or compartments, they can hire Custom Painting, Inc. to install and paint on breakroom kitchen cabinets. These breakroom kitchen cabinets are designed for installation on the top section and bottom section on the wall, with a counter in the middle that can be used to place kitchen appliances or install kitchen sinks.
  • Wood Rot Repair - Suppose there are rotting sections of walls or ceilings in the interior or exterior of the commercial establishment. In that case, Custom Painting, Inc. can expertly repair and patch up those rotting sections. Wood rot repair can be complicated as a DIY project, so you would need professional help if you want a remedy for rotting wood so it won't worsen.
  • Commercial Stucco Repair and Paint - Stucco is often used for commercial establishments because it is rot-resistant and reasonably durable. However, there are certain instances where stucco can get damaged due to exposure to too much water or moisture or being hit with blunt objects or instruments. If there is damage in different stucco sections, it is better to contact a repair and paint service company immediately to repair the damaged areas. Besides repairs, Custom Painting, Inc. also offers painting services for stucco.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal - Popcorn ceilings or acoustic ceilings are quite popular in commercial establishments since they can help hide imperfections in large ceilings while also reducing the noise from outside, which helps mitigate the noise inside large establishments like bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, there will be times when the acoustic ceilings already have too much damage due to exposure to water or moisture. So, removing and replacing these acoustic ceilings are needed.
  • Pressure Washing - For commercial buildings or establishments with dirty exterior floors or walls, pressure washing is the most effective method of removing dirt, grime, and algae. Pressure washing for commercial establishments involves using an industrial-grade pressure washer that sprays water at high pressures.
  • Wallpaper Removal - If a building or establishment has old and damaged wallpaper, Custom Painting, Inc. can help remove the wallpaper and leave no residue. After removing the wallpaper, you can also hire a company for interior painting if the color behind the wallpaper doesn't look appealing. 
  • Awning Removal - Awnings are fantastic in front of doors and windows, providing shade to those entering a building or sitting on chairs near the windows. Awnings are primarily made of cotton or polyester, and these materials would deteriorate and get dirty over time. When awnings are already very dirty and damaged, it is time to hire a professional who can remove the old awnings and replace them with new ones.
  • Brick Waterproofing - For walls made of exposed bricks, they need to be waterproof so that the bricks used to make the walls won't get damaged and discolored due to exposure to water or moisture. Custom Painting, Inc. provides brick waterproofing services for business establishment owners in Livermore.
  • Concrete Ceiling Repair - Concrete is a relatively durable material that often lasts longer than wood and requires less maintenance. However, concrete can still get damaged over time, and if your establishment has concrete ceilings, you may need to inspect them now and then for signs of damage. If there is ceiling damage, you can hire Custom Painting, Inc., who will do their best to repair and patch up the concrete ceiling.
  • Rusty Metal Door Painting - Metal doors are relatively common in commercial buildings or establishments, as they last longer than wooden doors, which you may need to replace after a few years. But, the problem with some metal doors is that they are prone to rusting, and if the doors of your establishment already have a lot of rust, get a professional from Custom Painting, Inc., who will paint the doors to look new again.
  • Commercial Stenciling - If your commercial establishment has a parking space and a ramp for PWDs (persons with disabilities), you would have to indicate where people can park and safely use a wheelchair through commercial stenciling, a technique used to provide indicators for people visiting an establishment. These indicators are typically used for fire lanes, no parking spaces, PWD ramps, reserved parking spaces, etc. Custom Painting, Inc. offers commercial stenciling services for establishment owners in Livermore.
  • T1-11 Siding Painting - T1-11 siding is composed of panels that have two layers. The first layer is glued tightly to another panel, while the second layer is slightly narrower and glued on top of the first. Because the second or the top layer is narrower, it creates gaps between each panel that look like stripes from afar. If you have this type of siding for your building or establishment, you can hire Custom Painting, Inc. to paint the siding for you.

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Custom Installation

Custom Installation

Custom crown molding and trim installation and painting – Our custom crown molding services can give an additional flair to your interiors.

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Ceiling Removal

Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceiling removal – Scraping off acoustic ceilings is time-consuming, messy, and possibly hazardous. Leave the job to our crew

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As a GC, I've used Custom Painting for about 5 years now, as our sole Commercial & Residential paint subcontractor! They always do a superb job, are clean, on time and work with us on our always moving schedule. Jason and his team are fantastic!

- Mike Pennisi, Livermore, CA 11/2/2023

Norman was fantastic throughout the whole process of having our bedroom painted. He replied quickly and consistently, was very clear with all aspects of the job and the work was top class all around. I won't hesitate to use Norman and Custom Painting in the future.

- David, San Francisco, CA 8/2/2023

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CUSTOM PAINTING! We needed to paint our interior and got 4 quotes from local businesses in the Tri Valley. Of the 4, Custom Painting was one of the most responsive, professional, and knowledgeable, the fastest to send the estimate, and the best value. So in the end we selected Custom Painting and they were fantastic. Norman was great to work with, his crew was all super friendly, considerate, and worked their tails off to get the project done in 2 days as promised. They did an amazing job and we could not be happier.

- Darryl Y., Livermore, CA 09/06/2022

Excellent job!

The crew did a great job and Norman was extremely helpful in assisting and answering all of my questions.

- Rebecca F., Livermore, CA on 07/13/2023

Highly Recommended! 5-Star Experience! Happy Customer!

Excellent experience! Norman was our single POC from beginning to end, and did an excellent job communicating with us. Norman provided color consultation, samples, and worked with us to finalize everything. The crew was friendly, courteous, prompt, and cleaned up nicely at the end of everyday. We are very happy and will work with them again!

- Alan N., Livermore, CA on 07/30/2022

Great experience

I've had Custom Painting do 2 big jobs at my house and they do a phenomenal job every time. The staff are always courteous, friendly, and detail oriented. Their work is truly excellent.

- Sarah H., Livermore, CA on 07/12/2022

Very Pleased With Their Work!

Custom Painting Inc did a terrific job painting the exterior of our home. It looks very good. The painters were courteous and respectful. They also cleaned up the area they were working around every day; I really liked that. I highly recommend them. I'm very pleased with the way the job turned out. I recommend their work, and I would use them again. My home looks so nice!

- E E., Livermore, CA on 04/27/2022

They get the job done as promised!

Jason's great! I use Custom Painting Inc all the time and recommend them to everyone. They do what they promise. It's common for contractors to make commitments that they end up not keeping but Custom Painting Inc always keeps their word. I've used Jason's father-in-law also. They are both reliable. Custom Painting Inc gets the job done quickly and charges me what they quoted. I never have any problem with their work and they never ask for more money in the end if it takes longer than anticipated. Jason gets the job done.

- Tom M., Livermore, CA on 02/26/2021

Why Choose Us?

Painting, repairing, and installing are tasks that are difficult to do without professional help. If you need repairs, installations, and painting tasks done efficiently, you can contact Custom Painting, Inc. to schedule an appointment and get an estimate.
For Livermore residents, you can reach Custom Painting, Inc. at (925) 294-8062 or fill out this form.

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