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Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Custom Painting, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing the best service for customers in different areas of California, including Fremont, Hayward, and Dublin. Our team of professionals offers various services focused on improving or enhancing the overall aesthetics or appearance of the client’s home. One of the services that we offer at Custom Painting, Inc. is vinyl and aluminum siding painting for residential properties.

Vinyl and aluminum siding painting is a process where professionals paint the siding of the residential property, and this siding is composed of multiple slabs of vinyl or aluminum that create the striped appearance of the property’s exterior walls. Read below to learn more about vinyl and aluminum siding and how we paint it through our service.

Advantages of Painting Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Vinyl and aluminum siding are often the choice of many people when it comes to the siding of their homes, as vinyl and aluminum are significantly more durable than wood, especially when the siding is exposed to a lot of harmful elements outdoors. However, even if vinyl and aluminum are durable, they can still get damaged and discolored over time. 

Once the siding gets discolored or damaged, many homeowners would immediately get the pieces of siding replaced. Unfortunately, replacing siding can be costly, which is why simply repairing and painting the siding would be a much better and more cost-efficient choice. Here are the advantages of painting vinyl and aluminum siding.

  • Painting is cost-efficient – as we have mentioned previously, replacing the pieces of vinyl or aluminum siding can cost plenty of money, and you may sometimes not be able to afford the replacement service due to having a small budget. But you will be able to save money by simply repairing the damaged parts of the siding and painting over all areas, as the repair and painting services are much less expensive.
  • Painting can extend the siding’s lifespan – the paint that will be applied to the vinyl and aluminum siding can further extend the siding’s lifespan, as the paint can act as a coat of protection against the harmful elements found outdoors.
  • Painting can make the siding look brand-new – painting the vinyl and aluminum siding can make them look brand-new, which can then help improve your home’s appearance from the outside.
  • Painting can increase the home’s curb appeal – if you plan on selling the house soon, painting its vinyl and aluminum siding can help improve its curb appeal, which is a term used to determine the attractiveness of a property when viewed from outside or from the street.

What We Do

Our vinyl and aluminum siding painting service for residential properties features numerous steps that our team of professionals follow in order to finish the project with care and efficiency. Below are the steps that we follow for our vinyl and aluminum siding painting service.

  • Color consultation and customization – the first step in our vinyl and aluminum siding painting service is color consultation, wherein clients can consult us for the color, shade, or tone that they want for their home’s siding. If the color that the clients want is not in our regular collection of colors, they have the choice to avail of our custom colors.
  • Choice of paint – the professionals would need to make sure that the type of paint would be suitable for the siding and the home’s outdoor environment so that the paint’s color will last longer.
  • Surface preparation – the next step is to the surface so that the paint would adhere better. The siding would need to be cleaned first using regular cleaning tools and products, or you can hire pressure washing services to get rid of dirt, grime, mud, and other particles that are sticking to the surface of the siding. Then, the siding would be sanded using a sanding tool before a primer is applied.
  • Professional application techniques – after the surface is primed, our team of professionals would then use various application techniques to apply the paint with efficiency on the surface of the siding. Professionals may use a regular paintbrush for a more precise application. Still, they may sometimes use a paint roller if the siding of a particular exterior wall is too large, and it can be time-consuming if only a paintbrush is used.
  • Post-painting inspection and touch-ups – once the siding is painted, the professionals inspect all the sections of the siding to ensure that the paint is applied equally with no issues. If there are problems with the paint or the surface of the siding, our team will perform touch-ups before the project is officially finished.

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Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc.

Many companies in different areas of California offer vinyl and aluminum siding painting services, but ours at Custom Painting, Inc. is considered one of the best. Here are the various reasons why you should choose us for all your vinyl and aluminum siding painting needs.

  • Our painters have experience and expertise – at Custom Painting, Inc., we hire some of the best painters in California who can offer different kinds of paint-related services, which include vinyl and aluminum siding painting. Because our painters have plenty of skills, experience, and knowledge in painting, we are sure that what we can produce as results is flawless and durable.
  • We use eco-friendly and durable paints – if you are someone who cares a lot about the environment, then hiring us would be the perfect fit, as we use eco-friendly paint if our clients request it. Besides being eco-friendly, the paints that we use are also fairly durable, so they can last long and are resistant to numerous kinds of harmful elements outdoors.
  • We can provide custom paint colors and customization options – we offer various colors and shades for clients to choose from. Still, if their desired colors aren’t available in our collection, we have the ability to create those custom colors through our color customization services. So, you won’t have to worry about settling for another color when you want a specific one for your home’s siding, as we will make your desired color possible.
  • We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction – at Custom Painting, Inc., we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, as we believe that our company can grow through positive reviews from our clients, which are made possible by simply doing our best for every project. With Custom Painting, Inc., you can get a reliable vinyl and aluminum siding painting service that is reliable and open to feedback and suggestions.

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Custom Painting, Inc. is the perfect company for you if you are looking for great customer service and a dedicated team of professionals who use eco-friendly and durable paint for their projects. Besides vinyl and aluminum siding painting, we also offer other services, such as interior painting, exterior painting, wood staining, acoustic ceiling removal, and wallpaper removal.

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