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Custom Painting, Inc. is a professional painting services company founded in 1982. It has provided professional painting services to homes and businesses in Danville, CA and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years.

All our coatings, equipment, painters, and carpenters are carefully selected to reflect our standards for quality here at Custom Painting, Inc. Customer satisfaction has been our top priority since day one, and we will work with you to make sure you are completely happy with our services.

For your peace of mind, we are a licensed and insured company that provides a guarantee after every project is completed and complies with work safety standards.

We are confident that our references will be happy to recommend Custom Painting, Inc. as your answer to your painting needs.

Services offered in the area

We are experienced in all areas of interior and exterior painting applications for residential and commercial properties in the region. In addition, we offer staining, wood rot repair, floor and deck coatings, waterproofing, custom crown molding, and so much more. Check out the complete list of our services below:

Residential services

Residential services

  • Interior painting – Get a professional painting service from Custom Painting, Inc. Because your home only deserves the best. Our trained and experienced painters and carpenters will take care of everything: surface preparation, painting, and final cleanup.
  • Exterior painting – Custom Painting, Inc. provides the most efficient exterior painting services in the Bay Area. Our paint crew are experts in all aspects of exterior painting. From cleaning to painting to waterproofing, we can deal with exterior surfaces of every type.
  • Wallpaper removal – Say goodbye to your old wallpaper with our professional wallpaper removal services! And say hello to your newly painted walls.
  • Wood rot repair and paint – Wood rot, whether wet or dry, ruins the appearance of your home and can even compromise your home’s structural integrity. Custom Painting, Inc. will help restore rotten wood to its former appearance and beauty.
  • Stucco painting and repair – Stucco cracks are not only an eyesore but can also be a huge red flag pointing to possible compromised structural integrity and foundational issues. Let Custom Painting deal with stucco flaws and restore the surfaces to their original appearance.
  • Custom crown molding and trim installation and painting – Our custom crown molding services can give an additional flair to your interiors.
  • Acoustic ceiling removal – Scraping off acoustic ceilings is time-consuming, messy, and possibly hazardous. Leave the job to our crew, who can do the job efficiently and safely.
  • Drywall repair and texture – We repair every type of drywall damage by filling in gaps, patching holes, sanding, and priming before painting. We also do texturing to walls to add a nice decorative touch to your home.
  • Exterior staining – If your home has wood siding and it is fading, we can stain your home’s exterior to make it look like new.
  • Door refinish-varnish – We protect and preserve the beauty of your doors by applying quality varnish.
  • Kitchen cabinet painting – A fresh coat of paint will bring your drab and outdated kitchen cabinets back to life and enliven your kitchen space.
  • Cabinet refinishing and repainting – If your cabinets need a new look, Custom Painting offers a hassle-free professional cabinet refinishing and repainting service.
  • Color consulting for painting – Our color experts will help you simplify the selection process to help you decide on the right color for your home’s interior or exterior.
  • Concrete staining and epoxy finish – Our epoxy finish and concrete staining services are cost-effective ways to strengthen and enhance the appearance of your home’s concrete surfaces.

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Commercial services

Commercial services

  • Interior painting – Custom Painting, Inc. can help with interior painting projects for buildings of commercial and non-commercial entities.
  • Exterior painting – We always know that first impressions last. So, get that memorable first impression from your customers and visitors by hiring our exterior commercial painting services that will boost your property’s curb appeal.
  • Breakroom kitchen cabinets – Our cabinet refinishing and repainting is a cost-effective way to give your commercial kitchens a fresh and updated look.
  • Acoustic ceiling removal – If you’re tired of the outdated textures that have been stuck to your ceiling for years (or even decades), Custom Painting will help you get rid of them! We will also give your ceiling a fresh appearance by painting it.
  • Commercial stenciling – Custom Painting does commercial stenciling on your commercial property for functional (such as signs) or decorative purposes. We may also offer stenciling designs to choose from.
  • T1-11 siding painting – T1-11 is a versatile siding option as it can be painted or stained. We offer painting or staining applications for your commercial property’s T1-11 siding, whichever option you prefer.
  • Pressure washing – We offer pressure washing services to remove stubborn stains and even paint.
  • Wallpaper removal – Wallpaper removal can be a time-consuming and messy job. Leave the job to our crew who will do the job efficiently, leaving your walls virtually flawless for the new paint.
  • Awning removal – Removing or replacing an awning incorrectly may lead to unnecessary and expensive damage to your exterior. Avoid these problems by hiring our experienced crew, who will do the job for you.
  • Brick waterproofing – We offer waterproofing solutions to protect your brick or masonry from wind-driven rain.
  • Wood rot repair – Depending on how serious the damage is, we deal with wet or dry rot by either repairing the affected wood structure or replacing it. Then, we finish it off with priming and painting.
  • Commercial stucco repair and paint – We repair stucco cracks of any size and give your walls a new look by painting them.
  • Concrete ceiling repair – If your concrete surfaces suffer from significant damage, Custom Painting can help! We get rid of the damaged areas, smooth out the edges, and replace the damaged ones with a new concrete surface.
  • Rusty metal door painting – Our crew can scrap the old rust and apply your metal doors with a new coat of paint.

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Custom Installation

Custom Installation

Custom crown molding and trim installation and painting – Our custom crown molding services can give an additional flair to your interiors.

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Ceiling Removal

Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceiling removal – Scraping off acoustic ceilings is time-consuming, messy, and possibly hazardous. Leave the job to our crew

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Quality work, excellent customer service, very good painters

- Terry Kirchner, Danville, 9/20/2023

My house looks beautiful, and I have gotten many compliments on it!

Custom Painting Inc. repainted the exterior of my home for me. They had painted it once in the past, too. Norman, the foreman on the job, was excellent! Lino, who worked in the crew - well, I cannot say enough good things about him! The company was very responsive, and they did a very good job! My house looks beautiful, and I have gotten many compliments on it!

- Moira D., Danville, CA on 06/19/2023

Exemplary service from initial contact to completion of the job. Norman's quote was fair and reasonable and he promised not to nickel and dime me over repairing my old house. (I got 8 quotes and yes, there was some ridiculous-ness) The painters worked early and stayed late. They respected and honored my house. I love the painting of my house. People who have come to my house for years ask for my address now (LOL). They do not recognize the house. My neighbors love that beauty that upgrades the neighborhood. I would give them 6 stars if possible. START with this painter and save yourself time and effort.

- Veronica, California, 08/22/2022

Excellent Painting Experience

Custom Painting is professional, courteous, extremely neat and does a great job. They first painted the exterior of my house and then I had them repair some ceiling damage and paint a bathroom.
They did a great job on both occasions. I recommend them whenever someone asks about the need for quality painters.

- Yvonne P., Danville, CA on 01/28/2023

High Quality and Great Value

Norman was very responsive and gave me a rough quote to stain our deck based on the photos I sent. He gave a very competitive quote, so I asked him to see the deck for a firm quote and he confirmed the original one. He was friendly, responsive and professional. His painter Jesus, showed up on time and did great work, although I asked him to stain in between the floor boards. He came back the next morning to finish the job and it looks great! Very happy with Custom Painting's quality, value and customer service and would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Dan B., Danville, CA on 08/01/2023

Why Choose Us?

At Custom Painting, Inc., we focus on providing you with exceptional painting experience. We are a licensed and insured company with decades of experience in the paint service business. We don’t discriminate against jobs – whether the project is big or small, each deserves the quality results that only we at Custom Painting, Inc. can provide. What matters most to us is your complete satisfaction.

For your residential and commercial painting needs, get in touch with us for a free estimate!
Call Custom Painting, Inc. at 925-294-8062 or send us an estimate request with this form.

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