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Drywall Repair and Texture

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At Custom Painting, Inc., we are dedicated to offering our customers the best and most reliable service. One of the best services we offer is drywall repair and texture, which focuses on fixing issues with the wall primarily used to make the interior walls of a property. However, it can also be utilized to make ceilings.

While drywall is quite durable, there will be instances where it can get damaged due to exposure to harmful elements or being accidentally hit by a blunt object. For those instances, you would need the help of experts who have plenty of knowledge, skills, and experience in repairing drywall. Our team of skilled professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. will be able to fix issues with your property’s drywall and make it look brand new. Read more below for information about our drywall repair and texture service.

Services Offered

Our drywall repair and texture service is composed of various tasks or projects that our team of professionals can accomplish. For more details, here is a list of tasks that are under drywall repair and texture.

Drywall Crack and Hole Repair

Drywall crack and hole repair is a task wherein our skilled professionals fix issues with the surface of the drywall by using various tools and materials. Before the repairs begin, our professionals would first have to inspect every area of the drywall so that they can see where the issues are on its surface. After the inspection, the professionals would use various repair techniques to efficiently fix cracks, holes, and other problems with the surface of the drywall.

Texture Matching and Blending

After the repairs for the drywall are done, you will notice that there is a difference in texture between the original surface of the drywall and the repaired surface. In order to fix this problem, our professionals would perform texture matching and blending, wherein the texture of the repaired surface will be touched up so that it would have the same texture as the unrepaired areas of the drywall.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Some homes use drywall to make popcorn ceilings (also known as acoustic ceilings), which were very popular in the past because of their ability to reduce indoor noise. Unfortunately, popcorn ceilings are outdated nowadays and are prone to getting different kinds of damage. If you want your home’s popcorn ceilings removed, we can do so through our popcorn ceiling removal service.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage can be common on drywall that is installed near bathrooms, doors, or windows. Once the water damage worsens, it can lead to the rotting of different sections of the drywall, which can then compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation. To prevent this dilemma from happening, we can offer water damage repair so that we can get rid of the rotten areas of the drywall and patch it up with new pieces so that the original drywall would last longer and remain stable.

Wallpaper Removal

If the surface of the drywall has wallpaper, you can hire our team so that we can remove the wallpaper so that you can customize the surface of the drywall by painting on it or applying new sheets of wallpaper. Besides wallpaper removal, we also offer a wallpaper replacement service so that you can immediately replace the old wallpaper with a new one after the removal process is finished.

Drywall Installation 

We offer drywall installation services if the house doesn’t have drywall installed yet. Drywall installation is a complex process that may take days or weeks to accomplish compared to other tasks mentioned above that may only take a few hours or days to finish. However, our experienced professionals will ensure that the project is done on time or schedule.

Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc.

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Dozens of companies already offer drywall repair and texture services, but only a few are as reliable as Custom Painting, Inc. We have some of the best services for renovating and improving the looks of homes and commercial spaces, so you won’t regret hiring our team of skilled painters and professionals to do various tasks for your home. Here are the reasons why you should choose us for drywall repair and texture.

  • We have experienced professionals – our team of professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. have skills, knowledge, and experience when it comes to painting, repairs, removals, and installations. With years of experience, our team can do numerous projects with better efficiency.
  • We use high-quality tools and materials – our professionals use only the best tools and materials for the job, which would then ensure that every project will produce better results. These high-quality tools and materials also help our professionals to do various tasks with ease, thus allowing them to finish the repair or texture-matching process on time.
  • We have positive feedback from previous customers – through our years of experience in the industry, we have already collected plenty of positive reviews from our previous customers, and some of them were even willing to create testimonials to prove that we have great customer service. You can read these testimonials through our website to learn more about how we work with our customers.

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