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Stucco Painting and Repair

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At Custom Painting, Inc., we offer various services dedicated to improving your home’s looks and aesthetics. One of those services is stucco painting and repair, which involves the steps and processes of applying color and fixing issues with stucco.

Stucco is a finishing or coating that is typically applied on the outermost layer of exterior walls, although it can also be applied on interior walls for decorative purposes. Although stucco is fairly durable and resilient, it may sometimes get damaged due to various factors, including being exposed to harmful elements outdoors. 

If you notice issues with your home’s stucco, you can hire our team of professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. to fix those issues and make the stucco look brand new. Read below to learn more about our stucco painting and repair service and its advantages for your home.

What We Offer

Our stucco painting and repair service has numerous steps and processes that are focused on improving the looks of your home’s stucco finish. Here are some of the details about what we do when it comes to painting and repairing stucco.

Stucco Painting

  • Color consultation and customization options – once you avail of our stucco painting service, we will offer color consultation and customization options for the colors that you want for your home’s stucco. We have a collection of colors that are already available for clients to choose from, but if their desired colors are not present in the collection, we can create custom colors and shades.
  • Stucco inspection – before the painting process begins, our experts would first inspect the stucco for any damage or surface issues. If there are problems, our team would suggest repairs for the stucco before getting it painted.
  • Preparation of tools and materials – after the inspection and possible repairs are done, our professionals would prepare the tools and materials they would need to paint the stucco. Some of the tools needed include paintbrushes, extension ladders, paint rollers, and drop cloths. For the color that will be applied to the stucco, we use high-quality paints that are long-lasting and resilient against harmful outdoor elements.
  • Application of various painting techniques – our professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. are skilled and knowledgeable in applying various painting techniques for stucco and other kinds of surfaces. These painting techniques involve the use of various tools that can help the painters apply color to the stucco with ease and efficiency.
  • Post-painting inspection and touch-ups – after the painting process is done, our painters perform post-painting inspections to see if the paint is applied properly on all areas and corners of the stucco. If there are issues with the paint, the painter would apply touch-ups.

Stucco Repair

  • Stucco inspection for damage – the first step for stucco repair is inspection, where our professionals check every area of the stucco for different kinds of damage, including cracks, chips, and water damage. Before the inspection, you may have already told us about the damages to the stucco that needed to be repaired. However, there may be some damages to the stucco that you weren’t able to see on your own inspection, so our team would inspect the stucco thoroughly so that hidden damages can be seen.
  • Preparation of tools and materials for repair – after the inspection, our team would prepare all the necessary tools and materials for the repair process. The tools and materials for repair include a utility knife, a caulking gun, a putty knife, a hammer, a wire brush, and a premixed stucco patch that is used to patch up cracks, chips, and holes on the stucco.
  • Application of different repair techniques – the next step is to apply different repair techniques using the tools and materials prepared by the professionals. Before the repair process begins, the professionals may first need to clean the surface of the stucco using regular cleaning tools or an effective cleaning device like a pressure washer. Then, the professionals would patch up various damages to the stucco and subsequently try to match the texture of the patch to the stucco’s surface.
  • Post-repair inspection – once the repairs are done, another round of inspection is performed to ensure that every damage or issue with the stucco is already fixed.

Advantages of Stucco Painting and Repair

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Stucco painting and repair can have numerous benefits for your home. To know more, check out below for a list of the advantages of getting stucco painting and repair services.

  • Improved aesthetics – one of the most noticeable benefits of stucco painting and repair is the improved aesthetics it brings to the house’s exterior walls (and sometimes interior walls). With a fresh coat of paint and flawless surface, the stucco of the house will look much more appealing than before.
  • Enhanced durability – by painting over the stucco’s surface, you will be able to enhance its durability, as the paint can act as a coat of protection against the harmful elements found outdoors. Repairing the stucco can also increase its durability, as fixing the issues on the stucco’s surface can prevent cracks, chips, and holes from worsening and eventually causing major problems for the exterior walls of your home.
  • Increased property value – if you are planning on selling your residential property in the near future, getting its stucco painted and repaired can help increase its value, as many potential buyers are more attracted to properties that look almost brand new and have no issues when it comes to damages to the walls of the property.
  • Cost-efficient – stucco repair is a cost-efficient way to fix issues with your property’s stucco and improve its appearance. Getting the stucco’s damages repaired is cost-efficient because the repair cost is much lower than just letting the damages worsen over time. Once the damages worsen, it could result in costly repairs because they have already reached the inner parts of the exterior walls. So, to prevent the damages from worsening, you should get them fixed while they are just affecting the stucco.

Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc. 

Many companies in various areas of California offer stucco painting and repair services. Still, our service at Custom Painting, Inc. is regarded as one of the best in the state. Here are the reasons why you should choose Custom Painting, Inc. for stucco painting and repairs.

  • We have years of experience in the industry – Custom Painting, Inc. has been delivering great service for hundreds of clients since 1982. So, we have years of experience when it comes to improving the aesthetics of residential and commercial spaces while also being able to fix any issues with the walls, floors, ceiling, and other areas of the properties.
  • Our team of professionals has skills and experience – the professional painters that we hire at Custom Painting, Inc. have plenty of skills, knowledge, and experience in performing various tasks with efficiency. So, by hiring us, our team is guaranteed to provide the best results for your home.
  • We use high-quality tools and materials for painting and repairs – for stucco painting, stucco repairs, and other services that we offer; our team of professionals uses only high-quality tools and materials that are more effective in efficiently getting the job done. These high-quality tools also make tasks easier for our teams, as the tools are easy to use and reliable enough to be used for extensive projects.

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