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Custom Painting, Inc. was established in 1982 and has been serving Fremont, CA and other cities in the Bay Area for over four decades. Our quality residential and commercial painting services ensure that your home or business is safe in our hands.

From interior drywall to vinyl siding, from family homes to shopping malls, and from high-rise apartments to factories, Custom Painting, Inc. has the experience, equipment, and expertise to do the job right on the first go. We adapt to the unique project and scheduling needs of our customers to minimize disruptions and maximize results.

As homeowners or anyone owning a commercial building, we understand how important it is to keep their properties looking their best. As a professional painting company, we have what it takes to paint residential and commercial properties of any type.

For more than 40 years, we have always valued safety, quality work, long-lasting results, and customer satisfaction.

Residential services

Residential services

  • Interior painting – We provide quality interior wall painting (of any surface type), ceiling painting (of any surface type), painting on other elements of a home (trim, baseboards, door, etc.), wallpaper removal and painting, kitchen cabinet painting, surface and area preparation work, and clean up after painting.
  • Exterior painting – We believe that exterior house painting is the single most effective way to boost your home’s curb appeal. We do cleaning and preparation of the siding of any type before giving it a fresh coat of paint.
  • Wallpaper removal – If you’re tired of your old wallpaper and want to refresh and modernize the look of your home, let Custom Painting, Inc. do the job of removing wallpaper and giving your walls a fresh coat of paint.
  • Wood rot repair and paint – Is your home suffering from wet rot or dry rot? We can help with wood rot repair (or replacement) and painting services for both the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Stucco repair and paint – Custom Painting, Inc. offers you the best stucco crack repair and repainting services in Fremont and other Bay Area cities. We deal with every common type of crack on your stucco walls, from hairline to diagonal cracks.
  • Custom crown molding and trim installation and painting – We will beautify your home’s interiors with custom crown molding and trim installation and painting at rates you can afford.
  • Acoustic ceiling removal – Acoustic ceiling removal is a rather slow and messy process, but the results are worth it! But hand the job to us – our professional acoustic ceiling removal and painting services will bring out the results you will love.
  • Drywall repair and texture – We fix drywall damage by patching holes and filling in gaps by caulking, sanding, and priming. We also offer drywall texturing. Just tell us what type of texture you want, and we will do the job for you.
  • Exterior staining – We offer staining to your home’s exterior surfaces, including the siding, trim, deck, and railing.
  • Door refinish-varnish – If your doors look dull, Custom Painting, Inc. will restore them back to life by refinishing and varnishing them.
  • Kitchen cabinet painting – If your kitchen cabinets look drab, full of dirt and grease, or simply in need of a new color, we update them with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Cabinet refinishing and repainting – We bring your outdated cabinets back to life by refinishing and repainting them.
  • Color consulting for painting – We simplify your color selection process, provide expert advice, and work with you to choose the right colors for your home.
  • Concrete staining and epoxy finish – We offer concrete staining and epoxy finish services that will make your home more durable and beautiful.

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Commercial services

Commercial service

  • Interior painting – We offer drywall and plaster repair and paint, wallpaper removal and paint, ceiling painting, trim and baseboard painting, prep work, and cleanup.
  • Exterior painting – We do repairs and painting on the exterior surfaces of your commercial building, which can include the siding, trim, roof, gate, fences, moldings, columns, garages, or parking lots.
  • Breakroom kitchen cabinets – Custom Painting, Inc. gives your outdated breakroom kitchen cabinets a new look and life by repainting or staining them.
  • Acoustic ceiling removal – We offer acoustic ceiling removal, painting the ceiling, and disposal of debris afterward, updating and elevating the look of your commercial interiors.
  • Commercial stenciling – We provide custom stenciling using state-of-the-art techniques. Be it your company logo, lettering, or any other design, leave the stenciling work to us!
  • T1-11 siding painting – Custom Painting, Inc. offers repair and painting or staining services for commercial buildings and structures with T1-11 siding.
  • Pressure washing – We apply pressure washing to remove stubborn dirt from the siding.
  • Wallpaper removal – Tired of your outdated wallpaper? Custom Painting, Inc. removes your old wallpaper and gives your walls a fresh coat of paint, making your home look more modern.
  • Awning removal – We offer awning seasonal removal or replacement services.
  • Brick waterproofing – If your commercial building is made of bricks or masonry, Custom Painting, Inc. provides waterproofing services to protect it from external elements and preserve the original look of your building.
  • Wood rot repair – Custom Painting offers solutions for wet or dry rot that can further ruin your home’s appearance and compromise its structural integrity.
  • Commercial stucco repair and paint – We repair stucco cracks of any size and give your walls a new look by painting them.
  • Concrete ceiling repair – Repairs may include removing damaged areas of the concrete surface, smoothing out the edges, and replacing them with a new concrete surface.
  • Rusty metal door painting – We get rid of the unsightly rust on your door’s surface and apply a fresh coat of paint on it.

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Custom Installation

Custom Installation

Custom crown molding and trim installation and painting – Our custom crown molding services can give an additional flair to your interiors.

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Ceiling Removal

Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceiling removal – Scraping off acoustic ceilings is time-consuming, messy, and possibly hazardous. Leave the job to our crew

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We have now done 2 major jobs with Custom Painting and both have been above and beyond what we could have expected. The attention to detail, swiftness completing the job, and open communication was simply on point! So rare these days do you have complete satisfaction or confidence when doing business, however we had zero concerns during our project and will continue to use them for future projects, as well as blast from our rooftop “Use Custom Painting - you truly won’t regret it - they’re the best!”

- Hillary Lee, Fremont, 9/15/2023

Very Pleased! A Pleasant and Professional Company!

I would absolutely recommend Custom Painting Inc to others! They very were well-prepared and definitely a pleasure to work with. They arrived promptly and were wonderfully efficient and (at the same time!) detail-oriented and thorough. They cleaned everything up quite well, afterward, and the house looks wonderful! I am definitely entirely satisfied with the experience!

- Wendy O., Fremont, CA on 08/07/2018

These guys did a phenomenal job. They were on time and professional which is half the battle these days. Highly recommend and we will use them again in the future!

- Brittni A., Fremont, CA, 5/9/2023

Great Service!

Custom Painting did a great job for us. They had to remove a bulb on the outside to get the paint work right, and they forgot to put that back. Other than this one minor thing, everything else was done well. Their customer service was good. The work itself was done well and their technicians were professional and efficient. They cleaned up everything when the work was done and didn't leave a mess behind.

- Sudha K., Fremont, CA on 05/25/2017

Very professional! Great to work with!

My sister and I were very happy with the job Custom Painting Inc did at our mom's house. They painted the interior of her house in Fremont. The painters from Custom Painting Inc were clean, professional, and always showed up on time. I recommend them.

- Linda H., Fremont, CA on 12/18/2020

Why Choose Us?

At Custom Painting, Inc., we protect, preserve, and beautify your homes and commercial buildings in Fremont and other Bay Area cities. We look forward to working with you! Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority.
Schedule an appointment for a free estimate. You may reach us at (510) 795-0903 or fill out this form.

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