Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper is common among households in the United States, as they are preferred by many homeowners who want an easy and simple way to elevate the look of their home’s interior walls. At Custom Painting, Inc., we offer a wallpaper removal service if you want to get rid of the old and damaged wallpaper in your home.

Our wallpaper removal service is operated by a team of professionals with plenty of skills, knowledge, and experience in using the right tools and materials for the job. Check out below to learn more about our wallpaper removal service and how it can benefit your home.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Wallpaper Removal Services

There are numerous benefits of hiring professional wallpaper removal services instead of removing the wallpaper from your home on your own. Here is the list of advantages of hiring professional wallpaper removal services.

  • Avoid damage to walls – professionals would accomplish the wallpaper removal project for clients with care and efficiency. If you are going to remove the wallpaper of your home on your own, there is a higher chance that you can damage the surface of the interior walls, which would then require repairs that can be costly, depending on how big the damage is.
  • Save time and effort – professional wallpaper removal services can help you save time and effort, as you can hire professionals instead of removing the wallpaper alone or with friends and family members. Wallpaper removal services save time because you can just use your extra hours or days doing other activities instead of removing wallpaper, and it can save you effort since wallpaper removal can be tiring to do.
  • Smooth finish for new wall treatments – the professionals that we have at Custom Painting, Inc. make sure that the results of the wallpaper removal project are clean with no issues with the surface of the wall. Through the client’s request, we can have our team smooth out the surface of the interior walls after removing the wallpaper. The smooth finish can be beneficial for the paint or new wallpaper that will be applied to the wall.
  • Proper disposal of removed wallpaper – after our team has finished removing the wallpaper, we ensure that the old wallpaper will be disposed of properly and that the workspace will be cleaned to avoid potential hazards for the people living in your home. Old wallpaper and the adhesives used to apply it to the wall may contain chemicals and harmful particles that can cause respiratory problems, so we make sure that we dispose of those properly and clean the workspace to prevent health issues with our professionals and the residents.
  • Reduced risk of injury – because of how careful the professionals are in removing wallpaper, they can avoid injuries or accidents. In addition to being careful, professionals also wear appropriate clothing that can protect them from wounds and other issues.

How We Remove Wallpaper

Remove of wallpapers

Different steps are involved in removing wallpaper efficiently. Below are details about the steps our team diligently follows for every wallpaper removal project.

  • Preparing the tools and materials – the first step is to prepare the tools and materials needed for the wallpaper removal project. The most common tools that professionals bring for wallpaper removal include a wallpaper scraper, a putty knife, a cutter, a pair of safety gloves, and an electric steamer.
  • Preparing the workspace – the next step is to prepare the workspace by removing furniture or fixtures that can be damaged during the wallpaper removal process. Then, drop cloths are used for protection to prevent particles from sticking on the floor.
  • Testing the adhesiveness of the wallpaper – after the workspace is prepared, our team would then test the adhesiveness of the wallpaper so that they can assess what tools and materials are needed to remove the wallpaper carefully. The team would just sample or test a small section of the wallpaper to check its adhesiveness. The test would also determine the type of wallpaper applied to the wall. Some common wallpaper types include vinyl, paper, and fabric-backed.
  • Applying peeling and scraping techniques – once the wallpaper’s adhesiveness is tested, our team will apply the necessary techniques to remove the wallpaper easily and efficiently. Peeling and scraping are simple techniques that are used by many professionals with the help of a wallpaper scraper or putty knife.
  • Apply the steam removal method – if there are stubborn sections of the wallpaper that are hard to peel or scrape off, our team will apply the steam removal method with the use of an electric steamer. This electric steamer can liquefy the adhesive so that the wallpaper would become much easier to remove.
  • Smoothing out the surface through sanding and priming – after the wallpaper is removed, the professionals would then smooth out the surface of the interior walls through sanding and priming. Sanding enables the primer to adhere well to the wall, while the primer is used to make the wall flatter so that it would have a better texture once interior paint or new sheets of wallpaper are applied.

Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc.

Our wallpaper removal service at Custom Painting, Inc. is considered to be one of the most reliable in different areas of California, such as Fremont, Dublin, Pleasant Hill, and the Bay Area. There are several reasons why our service at Custom Painting, Inc. is considered one of the best, and here is a list of those reasons so that you can decide if you want to hire our team of professionals.

  • Our professionals have knowledge and experience – the professionals that we hired to handle our wallpaper removal service have plenty of knowledge and experience to do various wallpaper-related tasks with no issues. Our professionals ensure that the project will be finished on time while also being careful to avoid damage to the surface of your home’s interior walls.
  • Our team uses specialized tools and techniques – as we have mentioned previously, the professionals that we have at Custom Painting, Inc. use durable and reliable tools so that they will have an easier and more efficient time removing wallpaper. Moreover, our professionals use techniques proven to be effective in removing wallpaper with little to no damage on the wall’s surface.
  • Our professionals are committed to performing a clean and damage-free removal – our wallpaper removal experts at Custom Painting, Inc. are committed to a clean and damage-free removal, which can then contribute to the stress-free experience of the clients when it comes to getting our services. Clients can also request for our professionals to sand and prime the wall so that it will be ready for a fresh coat of paint or new sheets of wallpaper.

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At Custom Painting, Inc., you will be sure to get the best wallpaper removal service for the interior walls of your home. Our team of professionals is always ready to perform at their best and to ensure that the wallpaper removal process is hassle-free and damage-free.

In addition to wallpaper removal, we also offer a wallpaper replacement service if you want to get new sheets of wallpaper applied to your home’s interior walls. Moreover, you can also avail of our interior painting, exterior painting, and other services related to improving your home’s appearance. For appointments or inquiries, you may contact us at (510) 795-0903 if you are living in the Fremont and Hayward areas of California, or you can simply fill out this form.