Faux Painting Service

At Custom Painting, Inc., we recognize that the ambiance and appearance of your property are crucial in defining your lifestyle and making a lasting impression on visitors and customers alike. Whether you desire the elegance of marble, the cozy feel of wood, or the magnificent charm of metallic finishes, our faux painting services can bring your vision to life.

Explore our comprehensive range of faux painting services and discover why countless satisfied clients have chosen to hire us to elevate their interiors. Your dream space is just a brushstroke away, as Custom Painting, Inc. delivers quality service and results for clients in various areas of California. Read more below for details about our faux painting service and how it can benefit your home.

Benefits of Faux Painting

Faux painting is a type of painting wherein painters replicate the appearance of materials like stone, wood, or material with the use of paint. Faux painting is a delicate and difficult method of applying paint, but our experienced team of painters at Custom Painting, Inc. can offer faux painting services because they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to do so. If you are undecided on whether you should apply faux painting to your home’s interior or exterior walls or not, here are some of the benefits of faux painting to persuade you to get our services.

  • Aesthetic appeal – one of the biggest benefits of faux painting is its aesthetic appeal, as it allows your interior or exterior walls to look much better compared to having flat paint. If you want your wooden walls to look like stone or marble walls, you can do so through faux painting without the need to demolish and replace the walls.
  • Versatility in design – faux painting allows the wall to have versatility when it comes to design, as painters will be able to paint different textures and patterns on the walls. Then, once you want to change the walls’ design, you can do so by hiring faux painting services again.
  • Cost-effective alternative to real materials – faux painting is considered to be the cost-effective alternative to using real marble, stone, or wood. Placing slabs or sheets of stone, marble, and decorative wood on the surface of the walls can be pricey, so if you don’t have a large budget to improve the looks of the interior or exterior walls, you can just get faux painting.
  • Customization options – at Custom Painting, Inc., you will have plenty of options when it comes to customization. Besides choosing the textures or patterns you want for your home’s walls, you can also select the color for the faux finish. So, if you want a marble finish but in a purple color or tone, we can create that one for you.

Our Faux Painting Services

Custom Painting, Inc. offers a great faux painting service with numerous steps and processes. Check out below for more information on our faux painting service and how we deliver the best results for our customers.

  • Faux finish consultation – after you have set up an appointment with us, we can start with the faux finish consultation, which is the process wherein we discuss the various faux finishes we offer and what you would want to be applied to your home’s interior walls.
  • Faux finish customization – we have a selection of faux finishes for customers, including marble, wood, and steel finishes. However, suppose the desired finish of the customer is not available in our selection. In that case, we can offer customized finishes so that customers won’t have to settle for the finishes that they don’t really like.
  • Inspection of interior and exterior walls – once the consultation is done, a project schedule will be created. The schedule includes the inspection of the walls before the painter starts applying the faux finish. The inspection enables the painters to see if there are issues with the surface of the walls. If there are issues, we can recommend our wall repair services to the customer so that the issues can be fixed before the surface is painted on. Having the interior walls fixed would allow the paint to last longer and the walls to be more durable.
  • Application of various techniques for painting colors and textures – to create perfect faux finishes, our team of skilled painters would use various painting techniques to help them achieve specific textures and patterns on the surface of the interior or exterior walls. The painters would use high-quality tools and materials to get better results.
  • Post-painting inspection – after the faux painting is done, the painter would perform a post-painting inspection to check if every corner and section of the walls are painted properly. If there are problems with the surface of the walls, the painter would have to do some touch-ups.

Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc.

Wall Faux Painted

At Custom Painting, Inc., you will be able to get great customer service while also seeing better results when it comes to faux painting the exterior or interior walls of your home. Although several companies already offer faux painting, we believe our faux painting service is one of the best in different areas of California. Here are the reasons why you should choose us for all your faux painting needs.

  • Years of experience – Custom Painting, Inc. has years of experience in the industry, and those years were focused on always providing the best service for our customers. Our experience also enabled us to find the best painters in various parts of California who will do a great job in different kinds of services that are related to renovating or improving the looks of a residential or commercial space.
  • Use of high-quality materials and tools – our team of experienced painters is always using high-quality materials and tools to get the best results for their projects or services. The tools that they use are durable and reliable, which can then help them perform various tasks with ease and efficiency.
  • Positive reviews from satisfied customers – our years of experience have also allowed us to collect a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers, who were also willing to give us customer testimonials on our website. Through these positive reviews, you will see how efficient and careful we are in every project we accomplish for our customers.

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