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Custom Epoxy Flooring

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Custom Painting, Inc. offers different services that are focused on improving the aesthetics of a residential or commercial space. For residential properties, customers can choose our custom epoxy flooring service, wherein our team would apply epoxy to the flooring of the property. Epoxy is a substance primarily used to coat different types of surfaces to make them more durable.

Epoxy flooring is common in commercial properties, but some homeowners prefer epoxy flooring because it is long-lasting and low maintenance. Suppose you are one of those homeowners who want to have epoxy flooring for their property. In that case, you have come to the right place, as Custom Painting, Inc. is regarded to have one of the best custom epoxy flooring services in different areas of California. Read below to learn more about our custom epoxy flooring service and its benefits.

Advantages of Custom Epoxy Flooring

Custom epoxy flooring has several advantages for the floors of your residential property. Here is a list of those advantages so that you can see how worth it is to have an epoxy coating on your home’s flooring.

  • Durability and longevity – the primary benefit of custom epoxy flooring is that it enables your floor to last longer and be more durable. Without epoxy flooring, the floors of your property can get different kinds of damage, including cracks, chips, and holes. With epoxy flooring, you will be able to prevent those damages from happening for years.
  • Aesthetic appeal and customization options – custom epoxy flooring can also elevate the looks of your home’s floors, as the epoxy coating’s smooth and slightly shiny appearance looks much better than wooden or cemented floors that are unfinished or unstained. Moreover, our epoxy flooring service at Custom Painting, Inc. will also allow you to choose different colors, patterns, and textures for the epoxy flooring.
  • Resistance to stains and chemicals – epoxy flooring is very durable thanks to its resistance to stains and chemicals, which can often cause damage to uncoated floors. Because it is resistant to stains, you wouldn’t have trouble trying to clean stubborn stains since you can simply wipe off different kinds of liquids that can cause staining.
  • Easy maintenance – custom epoxy flooring is very easy to maintain, as dirt, dust, mud, and liquids can easily be cleaned off its surface. Because of the low maintenance of epoxy flooring, you wouldn’t have trouble using regular cleaning tools and products on its surface.
  • Improved safety – epoxy flooring has non-slip properties that make it safe for you, your housemates, and your guests. If you want to prevent accidents or injuries from happening inside your home, it would be best to get epoxy coating for your property’s flooring.

Our Residential Epoxy Flooring Services

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Our custom epoxy flooring service comprises several steps or processes that our team of professionals follow to apply the flooring safely and effectively. Here are the details of the steps that we take for our custom epoxy flooring service.

  • Consultation and design – the first step in our service is consultation, wherein we can set up a meeting with the customer to consult them about the benefits of epoxy flooring and where they want it to be applied in their home. During the consultation, the customer may also choose the color, texture, and design that they want for the epoxy flooring.
  • Surface preparation – when our team arrives at the customer’s home, they will get the surface prepared so that the epoxy coating will adhere better to the floors. The preparation includes cleaning the floors to get rid of dirt, grime, mud, and other particles that can affect the adhesiveness of the epoxy coating. Then, the team would inspect the floors to see if there were issues with the surface, like holes, cracks, and chips. If there are damages, our team would first have to do some repairs to ensure that the issues won’t affect the integrity and durability of the epoxy coating.
  • Epoxy coating installation – after the surface of the floors is prepared, the next step is to apply the epoxy coating on the floors. Our team at Custom Painting, Inc. ensures that the epoxy coating is applied evenly on the surface to prevent bumps and make the top of the coat as flat as possible.
  • Finishing and sealing – the final step is finishing and sealing the epoxy coating so that its surface would be more resistant to scratching and other kinds of damage. A sealer is used to make the epoxy coating more durable, and this sealer is applied to the surface after the epoxy coating has dried and hardened.

Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc.

Custom Painting, Inc. has a great custom epoxy coating service done by professionals who finish the project on time while producing better results. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for epoxy coating services.

  • Years of experience – Custom Painting, Inc. has been providing quality service since 1982, and our years of experience in the industry have helped us gain more knowledge in how to renovate or improve a customer’s property with care and efficiency. Our experience also allowed us to hire the best painting, removal, and installation experts in different parts of California, so our team comprises professionals with plenty of skills and knowledge in the business.
  • Use of high-quality materials and tools – our team of professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. only uses high-quality materials and tools to ensure that the epoxy coating is applied evenly with no issues. These materials and tools also help our professionals to do their job as conveniently and efficiently as possible.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction – at Custom Painting, Inc., we are committed to customer satisfaction, which is proven by the number of positive reviews or feedback we receive from satisfied customers. Several customers were willing to create video testimonials just to prove that we offer quality service and results.

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If you are looking for great customer service and wide customization options for epoxy flooring, then you should hire our team of experts at Custom Painting, Inc. With our vast experience and knowledge in epoxy coatings, it is guaranteed that our team will produce great results for your home.

In addition to epoxy flooring, Custom Painting, Inc. also offers other services like exterior and interior painting, wallpaper removal, stucco painting, drywall repair, and acoustic ceiling removal. If you currently live in the Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton areas of California, you can contact us at (925) 294-8062 or simply fill out this form to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate.