Brick Waterproofing

Brick is one of the oldest construction materials and has retained its popularity even for modern buildings. Several commercial buildings in the Bay Area are built with brick walls or surrounded by brick fencing.

Bricks are typically held together with mortar, a workable paste that hardens and is used to bind bricks and stones. While bricks give a timeless appeal, they are not waterproof, resulting in various problems ranging from mold and mildew to efflorescence, and most of these problems are caused by water or moisture.

Brick waterproofing is the ultimate solution to protect your brick surfaces from dampness. This process will protect your commercial building from moisture or water that can get into your walls and damage your brick surfaces over time.

Suppose you’re looking to hire commercial painters in the Bay Area who can protect and beautify your brick surfaces. In that case, Custom Painting Inc.’s brick waterproofing specialists have the experience, skills, tools, and various treatments to ensure your brick-built commercial property remains safe, dry, and protected from moisture. 

Importance of commercial brick waterproofing

Since brick and mortar are porous, they tend to absorb moisture, which can lead to unfavorable consequences, especially if the rate of absorption is high.

One of the common consequences is efflorescence. Efflorescence is salt or calcium deposits that form after water evaporates. If you notice some whitish and powdery substance on brick walls, that’s efflorescence.

Mold and mildew are also common problems in bricks. Damp bricks and mortar provide a perfect environment for these fungi to grow and thrive. Not only do mold and mildew make our brick walls look ugly, but they can also ultimately cause structural damage to your building.

Spalling can also be an issue with bricks. Spalling refers to the spitting, flaking, delaminating, or cracking of brick structures. It can even cause your brick surfaces to crumble or break into fragments, indicating they are deteriorating.

So, in case you notice wet stains, black moldy spots, whitish strakes, cracks, and crumbling in your brick walls, it’s high time to have them cleaned, repaired, and waterproofed to prevent rain and dampness from penetrating your brick walls. It’s recommended to consider waterproofing as a preventative action before any of these problems occur, and it is even more urgent, especially if you live in damp and humid climates.

Our services

Custom Painting, Inc. offers waterproofing services for interior and exterior brick surfaces, such as effective thermal brick and masonry protection, products and solutions, moisture barrier installation or application of vapor retardant, and brick coloring.

By hiring professional brick waterproofing services, you will enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • It reduces moisture and water penetration.
  • It slows down water intrusion.
  • It significantly reduces heat loss, thus saving you on energy bills.
  • It limits and prevents mold and mildew growth.
  • It prevents efflorescence buildup.
  • It minimizes and prevents brick surfaces from spalling.
  • It maintains the original look and color of brick surfaces.
  • It prevents small cracks from 
  • It enhances and extends the longevity of brick surfaces.

Our experienced team of painters and waterproofing specialists ensures that apply the right solutions to effectively address common brick problems, restore the appearance of your brick surfaces, and extend their useful life. Your commercial building will transform itself into an attractive and welcoming place for your customers and staff.

Our process

Custom Painting, Inc. typically performs the following steps in the brick waterproofing process:

  • Inspection of brick surfaces for damage.
  • Cleaning by dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, sanding, or even power washing bricks.
  • Brick damage repair
  • Application of thermal brick and masonry protection products and solutions (usually water-repellent creams)
  • Application of brick waterproofing and sealing (matte, high-gloss, or translucent sealant).
  • Brick waterproofing and painting or coloring, which is optional.
  • Installation of a vapor barrier or moisture retardant, which is optional.

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We offer flexible payment options and schedules to suit your needs and preferences. Unless unforeseen events, like rain being forecast for several days, may put the project on hold, we always stick to our schedule and finish the project on time. We offer a written warranty of our work once the project is completed.

If your brick surfaces need protection and enhancement, leave brick waterproofing and restoration jobs to us. Our brick waterproofing services ensure that your brick surfaces are restored to their original appearance, except that they are now strengthened by waterproofing protection 

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