Exterior Staining

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint or stain to transform the look of your home and improve its curb appeal. Staining can be a good alternative to paint, especially if you want to preserve the natural color, texture, and grain of your wooden siding. 

Custom Painting, Inc. is an expert not only in all things paint, but also in many types of coatings, including stains. We inspect wood surfaces, clean, repair, and sand them, and finally, apply stain to give your wooden siding a freshened look.

Overview of residential exterior siding

Exterior staining is an application of water-based or oil-based stains to wood siding. Aside from giving wood its natural color and grain, stains seal off the wood’s pores, preventing it from taking moisture and adding a layer of protection from the sun’s UV rays, reducing or preventing discoloration and warping.

Here are the following benefits of hiring exterior staining services:

  • Prevents insect infestation – Using an oil-based stain is an excellent way to ward off termites and other pests from eating away wood.
  • Protects against the weather elements – Untreated wood exposes it to weather elements, such as sunlight and moisture, causing your wooden siding to shrink, warp, and rot. Staining your wood will protect your wooden siding from harsh weather conditions, preserving its look and integrity.
  • Extends the life of your wooden siding – Depending on the material and maintenance, a typical wood siding should last 20 to 50 years. However, general wear and tear and extreme weather conditions can age your wooden siding quickly. So, staining your wood siding guarantees protection and extension of its useful life.
  • Preserve your siding’s integrity – Without a layer of protection such as paint or stain, your wooden siding is more prone to mold and mildew, which can eventually cause it to rot. There’s no other way you can do with rotten wood except to replace it, which can lead to damage to your home’s structure. Regularly staining your home’s exterior will give your siding a strong defense against moisture and dampness, preventing mold and mildew from growing.

Why choose professional staining services? While staining may be easier than painting, there are also advantages that you can get from hiring professionals to stain your home’s exterior:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Quality work
  • Time and cost savings

Our crew follows a detailed process and safety procedures to ensure the best results.

Our exterior deck staining service

Custom Painting, Inc.’s staining services can apply to:

  • Sidings
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Fences

Our staining steps include:

  • Customization options – color and transparency (clear, semi-solid, and solid) options
  • Surface and work site preparation and cleaning.
  • Staining process – We may brush or roll stains to the surface. We always recommend two coats of stain for the siding, although there may be more as the wood can absorb.
  • Sealing and finishing – It consists of the application of sealant and type of finish, which adds protection to your wood siding.


Why choose Custom Painting, Inc.?

If you’re looking for a professional painter for your exterior wood siding staining needs, Custom Painting, Inc. has what it takes to deliver the results you expect and desire:

  • Over 40 years of experience in the paint service industry.
  • Experienced, skilled, and dedicated team of painters and carpenters
  • Solid leadership from the foreman.
  • A free, honest, and timely job estimate.
  • A concise and thorough quotation.
  • Thoughtful scheduling before the start of the project.
  • Meticulous attention to detail from start to finish.
  • Use of the highest-quality paints, primers, and other coatings.
  • Safe work practices.
  • Full one-year guarantee on our work.
  • A follow-visit after the completion of the project.
  • A $4,000,000 liability insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation that covers all employees.

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Besides exterior and interior painting, Custom Painting, Inc. offers other home improvement services, such as wood staining, acoustic ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, water-damaged ceiling repairs, double-pane window installation, custom crown molding installation, and a lot more. 

If you’re looking for quality painting and staining work from beginning to end, contact the experienced professionals at Custom Painting at 925-294-8062 or send a message to request a free quote.