Advantages of Deck Staining

A deck is a great investment for every home as it gives you and your family a space where you can entertain guests, relax after a long day, or simply accent the beautiful landscape of your house. But whatever you use them for, wooden decks need regular upkeep to continue looking great and remain in the best shape for a long time. Regular deck staining is one of the easiest and most important ways to do this.

If you are wondering why regular staining is important in the maintenance of your deck, below are some of its advantages that you need to learn about:

It can improve the appearance of your deck.

Regular deck staining can help improve the appearance of wooden decks and ensure that they continue to look as good as when they were first built or installed on your property. There are different tints and colors to choose from when it comes to deck stains. Therefore, there is surely an option out there that will suit your needs if you are looking for something that will highlight the grain of the wood or one that will completely transform the look of your deck.

Deck staining is easier than painting.

Some people choose to paint their decks rather than stain them. However, if you were to choose between the two, staining is easier and faster. It’s because the process of staining does not involve priming. This means that the project can be completed in almost half the time that it would take to paint decks. Therefore, regular staining is a better option if you are concerned with the amount of time it would take to beautify your deck. In addition to that, wood stains are also not susceptible to UV rays and constant foot traffic, unlike paint, which can be worn away fast and needs constant touching up. 

It can prevent rot and infestation.

Deck staining surely has lots of visual benefits. But aside from that, staining your deck regularly can also help increase its lifespan as it prevents rot and infestation. Wood stain can seal your deck against moisture and intrusion of infesting pests. With this, you’ll be able to avoid costly issues, such as mold, mildew, and wood rot, which could cause parts of your deck to crack, sag, or collapse if it is damaged badly. 

Deck Staining

When Should You Restain Your Deck?

Deck re-staining is an important part of its maintenance. With this, it is also important to know when the right time is to do it. To give you more ideas, below are some of the signs that it is time to re-stain your deck:

  • Faded color: When your deck is exposed to the sun and other weather-related elements, it can cause the wood to lose its vibrant color, making it become faded and dull-looking. This can make your deck less pleasing and may also make the wood more susceptible to damage and rot. Therefore, if you notice that the color of your deck is fading, it is time to call for a deck staining service that will provide protection against future damage.
  • Water does not bead up on the surface: When you see that water is no longer beading up on your wooden deck's surface, the previous protective layer has worn off, leaving the wood exposed to moisture damage. It means that water can penetrate the wood, which may cause splitting, warping, and rotting. 
  • Wood feels rough and has splinters: If you notice that your wooden deck is splintered or has rough surfaces, it is also a sign that its protective layer of stain has worn off and will start absorbing moisture, which may lead to further issues. Also, rough wood is uncomfortable to walk on, making spending time on the deck less enjoyable.
  • Mildew or mold growth: These are common problems on wooden decks, particularly if they are located in damp or shaded areas. These can appear as green or black spots or patches on the deck. They look unsightly and can be a health hazard for residents. These can weaken the wood, making it vulnerable to damage. They can also make the surface of the deck slippery when wet. 

What We Offer

Custom Painting, Inc. has professionals who can stain your wooden decks at home properly and efficiently. They ensure proper preparations, techniques, and equipment are used to enhance the look of wooden decks. Below are some of the steps that we take when deck staining:

  • Surface cleaning: We always ensure that the surface of the deck is thoroughly cleaned before staining. We remove dirt, debris, and old stains by brushing or using a power washer and a cleaning solution.
  • Wood sanding: After we clean the wood surfaces, we gently sand away any imperfections and rough patches using sandpaper, following the direction of the natural grain.
  • Conditioning the wood: We also use wood conditioner so that the surface will absorb the stain more evenly. This is applied by using a brush or a cloth.
  • Stain application: After all the preparations, we use the right application tool to apply the stain to the deck. These may include using a brush, roller, or sprayer, depending on the deck size.
  • Wiping excess stain: After the stain application, we wipe any excess stain that the wood has not absorbed using a clean cloth. 

Why Choose Us?

Proper deck staining is important to maintain the look and quality of your deck. Therefore, it is better to hire professionals to do the job to ensure that you will get optimal results. At Custom Painting, Inc., trained professionals are going to stain your deck at home. 

Our team uses the right equipment for the job, and we don’t settle for mediocre gear. In addition to that, we only use quality stains that will match your deck’s composition, age, condition, and other factors. We can help you take the guesswork out of the process and determine which stain is the best for your deck, making it look better and more durable. 

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Custom Painting, Inc. appreciates those who are into DIY projects. But we are also happy to help you when the process gets tough. By hiring our team, you can ensure that your deck will be refreshed and protected against wood damage and threats. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment and a walkthrough on your property, you may call (925) 294-8062 or fill out this form and receive a free estimate.