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Concrete Ceiling Repair

Concrete Ceiling Repair

Our company understands the important role that ceilings play in commercial spaces. They are not just for aesthetics but also for structural integrity and occupant safety. When you notice signs of wear and tear on your concrete ceilings, it is essential to address them promptly to prevent further damage and maintain the longevity of your property. 

At Custom Painting, Inc., we specialize in restoring and repairing concrete ceilings in commercial spaces. With years of experience, a team of skilled professionals, and high-quality tools, we can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether your concrete ceilings have water damage, unsightly cracks, or delamination issues, we have the expertise to assess, repair, and rejuvenate them, ensuring that they remain a reliable and visually appealing asset to your commercial space.

Read on below to discover how we can help you protect and enhance your commercial property’s ceilings for many years.

Common Concrete Ceiling Issues

Structures are subject to movement over time. Some of the causes of these movements include groundwork settlement, moisture, and weather. Generally, some of the common concrete ceiling issues result from structural damage or aging. Among these, cracks are the most common. Below are the different types of ceiling cracks:

  • Spider Web Cracks: These spread from the middle. If they are bigger than 1/16th of an inch wide, a structural problem might need to be repaired using ceiling cement.
  • Matching Vertical Cracks: Most of the time, these cracks are connected with weak wall studs. It might happen when a natural event interrupts the settling of the property over time. Size is also a critical factor to determine if there is a bigger issue.
  • Cracks Along Edges: These cracks are often the result of natural settling. If they run along the entire ceiling length, the problem must be addressed. 

Cracks can be caused by other concrete ceiling issues. Below are some of them:

  • Moisture: Heavy moisture can damage a ceiling greatly, resulting in water seeping through the roof of the upper floors and trickling down. When the initial damage occurs, temperature changes can make it worse. Moisture can make structures expand, and falling temperatures can make them contract. These stressors on materials and joints may lead to cracks.
  • Excessive Weight: Cracked ceilings may also be due to the floor above bearing too much weight. The repercussions of misguided construction may cause this issue. Aside from that, this can also happen when the installed drywall is not compatible with other building materials in the foundation.
  • Inferior Foundation: When the foundation of the ceiling is faulty, it may influence other structural issues. If the foundation’s integrity is compromised, the slightest settling or movement can possibly alter load-bearing beams and create cracks. 

Our Concrete Ceiling Repair Services

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Custom Painting, Inc. has a team of experts who can handle concrete ceiling repair in commercial spaces. They are trained to follow the right steps and use the right tools to complete the task successfully. Below are some of the steps and services we offer in our concrete ceiling repair services:

  • Inspection and Assessment: Our team inspects and assesses the commercial space first to see the issues and damages on the concrete ceiling. This way, we’ll know the right steps to take to repair the ceiling and solve the underlying issues simultaneously and prevent further damage.
  • Repair Methods: The repair methods that our team uses when it comes to concrete ceiling repair depend on the type of damage. But it generally includes cleaning the surfaces, using repair compounds to bond cracks, smoothing the ceiling surface, sanding the surface of the repair, and applying paint on it. 
  • Materials and Technology: When it comes to repairing concrete ceilings, our company uses only high-quality materials and the best technologies. This ensures that our repairs will last for a long time.
  • Safety Measures: Our team always ensures that we follow all the safety measures when it comes to repairing concrete ceilings in commercial spaces. With this, you can guarantee that everyone is safe and protected during the project and up until its completion. 

Benefits of Choosing Our Concrete Ceiling Repair Service

If you need to repair the concrete ceilings in your commercial space, you can trust Custom Painting, Inc. for the task. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from choosing our concrete ceiling repair service:

We can help you save time on repairs.

Concrete ceiling repair may seem like a quick fix. Well, it can be if you know how to do it efficiently. Some people may take hours on these tasks, but when you hire professionals like Custom Painting, Inc., finishing them can be faster as we have the right tools and experience. This way, you’ll be able to save time for other projects that need your expertise.

Our services can increase the value of your commercial space.

When concrete ceiling repair is done right, it can add significant value to your commercial property. It can attract your employees, tenants, customers, and guests more. 

You can avoid mistakes with our services.

If the concrete ceiling is repaired incorrectly, it will not look or function the way it should. Also, mistakes can be costly when it comes to time, money, and aesthetics. With professionals like Custom Painting, Inc., you don’t have to worry about mistakes throughout the project.

We can help you prevent further damage.

On every concrete ceiling repair project we do, we ensure that we get to the root of the issues. We don’t just cover up the damage on the ceiling. We also offer long-term solutions to prevent further problems. 

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