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Light Carpentry Work

Painting projects are composed of tasks that involve more than painting walls, floors, and ceilings. Although painting projects have a goal to provide the best colors and finishes for distinct kinds of surfaces for homes and businesses, it is also the goal of the projects for the surfaces to be durable and safe for the property. This goal is achieved by fixing issues or damage with the surfaces before they can be painted on.

In order to have the best surface for walls, floors, ceilings, and other areas of the property, light carpentry work that is done by professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. is needed. What is light carpentry work? And how important is it for painting and construction projects? To know more, here is an easy guide to light carpentry work.

Light Carpentry

What is Light Carpentry Work?

Light carpentry work is used to indicate carpentry tasks requiring light labor. These tasks include fixing small issues with walls, floors, and ceilings and replacing parts of cabinets and bookshelves. While the work needed for light carpentry is minimal, it is still as important as heavy carpentry, as the issues that light carpentry fixes will often worsen over time if they remain unrepaired.

What are Included in Light Carpentry Work?

To better understand light carpentry work, we must discuss the different tasks that are considered a part of it. Below is the list of tasks that involve light carpentry work.

Fixing Door Frames

One of the easiest tasks for light carpentry work is fixing door frames, which includes repairing gaps in the frames and readjusting the door hinges so that the door can open and close properly. Doors are some of the house’s most touched and used parts, so it is not surprising if they have a lot of issues or damage after years of use. So, light carpentry work is needed to keep the door and the door frame in top shape.

Fixing Banisters on Stairs

Much like door frames, banisters are frequently touched by those who are living or staying on your property and your guests. The reason banisters are touched is because they provide support for the people who are going up and down the stairs. So, these banisters are also very susceptible to getting damaged. Light carpentry work is required for repairs on banisters and should be done by professionals to minimize mistakes.

Leveling Bookshelves

If your bookshelves are leaning forward, backward, or sideways, you may need to level them so that they remain straight and prevent the top parts of the shelves from permanently sagging over time. Professionals that do light carpentry work can help in leveling bookshelves, and they can do this using various methods, like adding pieces of wood on the bottom of the shelves or sawing or sanding the bottom so that all the sections are at an equal level in terms of height.

Repairing Wood Rot

Repairing Wood Rot

Wood rot is one of the worst issues that light carpentry work can fix, although it can only be fixed with the said method if it hasn’t worsened or affected the entire surface of the wall, floor, ceiling, or different pieces of furniture. In order to remove wood rot, professionals would remove the rotting parts so that they wouldn’t spread anymore, and then they would apply epoxy to fill up the hole that was created after the rotting parts were removed.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Hinges for kitchen cabinets are prone to loosening and other kinds of damage, so it is important always to inspect the hinges to ensure that they won’t suddenly make the doors of the cabinets fall off. If there are already issues with the hinges of the kitchen cabinets, it would be better to hire professionals to do light carpentry work and replace those hinges with new ones.

Benefits of Light Carpentry Before Painting

Light carpentry provides benefits or advantages for the outdoor and indoor surfaces of a property before they are painted on. Here are the benefits of light carpentry before painting.

Fix or Repair Issues

As mentioned before, light carpentry’s primary benefit is fixing or repairing issues with various surfaces for walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. So, if there is light carpentry done to the surface before they are painted on, the surface would look like there weren’t any repairs or fixes done with it once the paint is applied.

Better Paint Job

By getting light carpentry done on the surfaces of your property, professional painters will produce a better paint job since the surfaces are flat and flawless. When there are issues with the outdoor or indoor surfaces of your home or business establishment, there is a high chance that the paint will get damaged as the problems worsen over time. To get better paint finishes, light carpentry must first be done on the surfaces before painting if issues need fixing.

Benefits of Light Carpentry After Painting

Light carpentry can also provide benefits after you have painted the surfaces that were fixed or enhanced. Check below for the benefits of light carpentry after painting.

Prevent Issues from Worsening

Various issues like wood rot and cracks can worsen as the years go by. So, before they worsen, you should hire professionals to do light carpentry and get these issues fixed before you plan to get a paint job for your home or business.

Longer-Lasting Paint Job

When the issues with the property’s surfaces are fixed, it would help the paint last much longer since it won’t be affected by wood rot, holes, cracks, and other problems that can affect the shade and the longevity of the paint over time. Fixing issues using light carpentry would also save you money, as you don’t have to regularly repaint the floors, walls, or pieces of furniture due to the previous paint being affected by various kinds of issues with the surface underneath it.

Increase the Value of the Property

Fixing the issues that your property’s walls, floors, and ceilings may have before getting them painted would help increase the property’s value, as having flawless surfaces can make the property look much more appealing to potential buyers if you are planning to sell it. While painting can help hide the issues on the surfaces of the house or establishment, doing this would just ruin your reputation once the buyers have discovered the issues. So, before getting the surfaces painted on, you will need to get light carpentry services so that you won’t deal with issues in the future once you have sold the property.


Those are some of the most vital details that you should know about light carpentry and its benefits for homes and businesses. If you want to get the best light carpentry services, you can contact us at Custom Painting, Inc. so that we can discuss how to get certain issues fixed before painting. You can contact us at (925) 294-8062 if you live in California’s Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton Areas, or you can fill out this appointment form.