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Commercial Painting Dublin: How to Find a Commercial Painter

Commercial Painting Dublin: How to Find a Commercial Painter

Finding someone to do commercial painting in Dublin, CA is quite a bit of work. You don’t randomly pick a painting company just because it is the nearest to you or it is the most available (a painting service company who has a busy calendar is usually an indication of a reputable painting company). Instead, discovering more about potential painters in your area will enable you to tell the difference between a “good” and a “bad” painter. And obviously, the good painter is the one you want to hire.

In residential painting, you have the option of doing the work by yourself or hiring a professional. But when commercial painting is needed, hiring a professional is the best choice. Why is that so? It’s because you want your business to be presented in a professional manner. You want to pull in clients, so the physical aspect of your business should be attractive. Plus, if you own and run a big establishment, doing the painting all by yourself is impractical, takes too long, and is simply out of the question.

Experience is always the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a commercial painter. There are commercial painting companies that concentrate on both residential and commercial, while there are others that focus solely on commercial (or sometimes commercial and industrial). The more experience a painter has, the more people will rely on them for their services.

Most established painting companies have a firm reputation, follow the industry’s safety standards, and employ their own workers who are well-trained. These companies are committed to bringing high-quality work to the table.

You must verify if this painting company you’re considering is a genuine one or is just posing as one. That’s why here in California, contractor’s licenses and insurance are mandatory. Contractors, whether they be small-scale or (most especially) large-scale, should be able to provide concrete proof of licensing and insurance, such as a valid license number and certificate of insurance, along with proof of bonding.

A painting contractor should also provide safety and compliance information for their workers. Although membership in local or national commercial painting associations and groups is not really a requirement, being a part of one or more nevertheless gives them an advantage over their rivals who are not, and enhances their own chance of being hired.

The best and the most common way to know whether a contractor is worthy of your job is to invite at least three contractors into your establishment and tell them the areas of your place that you want painted, and everything that you want protected. You may also want to ask the contractors about the kind of paint they use, and the number of coats needed, etc. You may also want to ask any other questions you can think of such as “How long have you been in the business?” “Do you use protective gear?” or “Do you use your own workers or do you use only subcontractors?” (contractors who employ their own workers are the more desirable ones). If any of the contractors dodge your questions or becomes defensive, you may not want to consider hiring them.

You also must ask them for references, preferably three to five references of their previous projects in the last six months. Why is that so important? If a contractor is willing to provide you with a list of their references, it means that they’re confident in their skills, and they did not shortchange their customers of their services. If painters cannot provide, or do not want to provide references, then you don’t want to hire them as your commercial painter.

Once you are provided with a list of their references, call the references. It’s also good to check these contractors’ records with the Better Business Bureau.

Even after you have chosen a contractor that most closely matches your requirements and specifications, you have to build your trust with them. That’s why there’s the contract, which lists all the things regarding the project: details on the preparation and cleanup (before and after painting), the paints and the equipment to be used, start and end dates, daily start and end hours, any applicable warranty, as well as payment details.

You also must trust your gut – you can’t go wrong with it. Is the contractor punctual? Does he arrive on time? Is he courteous? Does he clean up after the painting job, or does he leave splatter marks behind?

Don’t put your trust in anyone with a name that includes “painting company” or someone who comes with a white van or paint brush. Hiring someone who does commercial painting in Dublin, CA is considered an investment. You don’t want to lose potential customers (and profits) by hiring a bad painter. That’s why it is important to do a significant amount of research on potential candidates before you hire them.


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