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Consider the Psychology of Color When House Painting in Danville

Consider the Psychology of Color When House Painting in Danville

Does color matter when house painting in Danville? Choosing colors for a particular room will have the power to influence moods, feelings and the way of thinking people have while in that room. Blue and red may be popular colors, but before choosing a paint color for your room, consider how different colors can affect your mood and well-being.

The following colors will most likely correspond to your mood in general.


Red symbolizes energy and passion. It is one of the most popular color choices in many homes in Danville. Red is known to raise a room’s energy level, that’s why it’s the color used mostly in kitchens and even living rooms because it will energize your senses. Red also stimulates your appetite which is why it’s also used for dining rooms. As you may have noticed, many of the restaurants and fast food chains are painted red, or have some red paints in them. You do not, however, want to use it for bedrooms or any rooms where you need to relax, unwind or to sleep.


Blue is known as the color of tranquility, calmness and coolness. Blue is the coolest color on the spectrum and soothes your mind and senses. That’s why it is the preferred color for most bedrooms, and also some bathrooms. It could even be used for a living room; once you enter a living room painted in blue it could release much of the stress you’ve had from the outside world. However, it is not suggested for use in dining rooms because it could create a feeling of sluggishness or even depression as well as decreasing your appetite.


Yellow represents cheerfulness and happiness. There are ways to use this color depending on its shade. A strikingly bright hue is best used on accent walls for living rooms, bedrooms, sun rooms, and laundry rooms. While a less vibrant shade such as creamy yellow or pale yellow complements a pastel backdrop. Yellow can also be used for kitchens with the ideal shade being mustard yellow. However, using this color can have negative effects (especially with bright yellows) as it can cause frustration or anger, so it should not be used in bedrooms.


A combination of yellow and blue, green is the color of life and nature. It also promotes balance and relaxation. This color can be used for any room depending on the shade chosen. Clean greens look fresh and invigorating, so these can be used in kitchens, dining rooms or bathrooms. Olive greens can also be used for the kitchen or the bedroom. Dark greens or teals are often used for bedrooms. Lighter and more yellowish greens should only be used on accent walls.


Purple is the combination of one warm color (red) and one cool color (blue), so the resulting color can provide a perfect balance between heightened excitement and a soothing effect. Purple has connotations of royalty and luxury, especially the darkest purples that lend a dramatic effect. These are ideal for living rooms and office spaces. More intense purples will look crisper when painted along with white. Lighter shades of purple, like lilac and lavender, have a soothing effect without providing the chilly atmosphere. These shades are appropriate for a child’s nursery, bedroom, or a playroom.


Resulting from two warm colors (red and yellow), orange gives off that exciting, lively and enthusiastic vibe. This color also promotes positivity. Orange is a good color for kitchens, dining rooms, sunrooms, and the home office. You can also paint this color along with analogous or complimentary colors. But it is not recommended for use inside a bedroom.

Neutral colors

These are black, gray, and white. Sometimes brown is included as a neutral color. Black has connotations of power and mystery, gray adds a touch of sophistication, and white symbolizes cleanliness and purity and can provide room for other colors. You may also consider using shades of brown which create an earthier, seemingly natural look. You have to be careful when applying these colors because you may end up having a bland-looking room. It’s best to paint these neutral colors with other colors to give more character to your room. Adorning the room with appropriate décor will also help.

Color influences our thoughts and feelings, and possibly even decisions in life. Whether it is a subtle shade or a completely contrasting color, a paint color, once applied on the walls will definitely make a difference to your mood even without realizing it. You will want to choose the right paint color when you are about to do house painting in Danville.


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