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Create a Bold Entry Way As You Are House Painting in Concord

Create a Bold Entry Way As You Are House Painting in Concord

Does your entry way seem boring? You can fix this with house painting in Concord. Since your entry way, including the front door to your home, are used regularly, you probably want it to stand out and be noticed. The following ideas will help you improve both your front door and the entry way to your home.
Some homeowners choose a door color that matches their home’s exterior paint. If you would like your front door to stand out, try painting an accent color on the raised panels to make your door look unique. You could also try a solid bold color such as blue, red, orange or green. Giving directions will certainly be easier if you tell your guests “look for the house with the blue door (or whatever color you paint it).”

An entry way or a hallway is often overlooked when people are house painting. Most home owners see these areas as not really being a room but a space. This is rather unfortunate because it is a high-traffic area that is used every day. Obviously, the entry way is the first thing you or visitors to your home see when the door is opened. So it is appropriate that you turn the usual boring look of the entry way into a space with a more pleasing, attractive, and welcoming appearance.

You can make the hallway or entry way seem larger or smaller with the right paint. If the area is long and narrow, paint it with lighter colors to make it appear wider. If your space is short and wide, reduce the look by applying a darker color.

You can also create the some highlights by painting the architectural details such as door frames, arches, and window frames (if your entry has windows). Trim and baseboards can also be painted, either with the same color you use for your walls or with a contrasting color. Make a closed-in hallway look taller with white paint on the ceiling.

Pay attention to the adjoining rooms. Choose paint colors that coordinate with that room to give it a seamless visual flow. As with hallways that have doors that can be closed, other colors can be used. Having a hallway whose colors are the same as those of the adjoining rooms is good especially if you are putting photographs or artwork on the walls.

When you paint a closed hallway, you’ll have more freedom with colors. Light colors can be used, but there are a variety of other colors that you may want to try. You can mix bold colors such as shades of red and purple, or a combination of neutral colors (black and white) and other colors, or colors that are contrasting like yellow and plum. To further emphasize the long and narrow space, paint it vertical stripes with a different color to make it appear taller, and horizontal stripes of also a different color for short and wide hallways to give it an illusion of length. You may also give some thought to the floors as well — some hallway floors are painted with black and white checkers.

If the hallways have an end wall to them, paint it as an accent wall and decorate it to draw your attention it. You may also consider installing a window to make your hallway seem brighter.

Since an entry way is a high-traffic area, it’s also important to choose paints that are durable and highly washable. A painting contractor will know the best paints to use in that area.

When house painting, remember that an entry way is an integral part of your home. Create a bolder-looking entry way by applying eye-popping wall colors and eye-catching details that will sure grab your visitor’s attention every time they come to your front door or enter your home. With house painting in Concord, it is possible to have a bold entry way.


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