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House Painting Concord – Ideas for Painting the Master Bedroom

House Painting Concord – Ideas for Painting the Master Bedroom

Using different colors for house painting in Concord can evoke a wide range of moods, especially on the interior.

When it comes to the master bedroom, it is generally thought that the colors should be soothing to set a calming mood, as it is the place to relax and sleep. But, as with other areas of the house, the color choice depends on the mood and preference of the homeowner. In most cases, decorating a master bedroom is a very personal one indeed.

1. Red

Red may bring a sensual mood to the master bedroom. If you decide to go all-out with red, balance it by including all-white accents such as a white bed, a white lamp, or white side tables, or maybe a white carpet. Paint the ceiling, trim and frames with white as well. If you choose a darker shade of red, go for lamps that are bright enough to illuminate the space so that the master bedroom won’t appear cramped. Position the lights in a manner that can brighten up the whole space but at the same time won’t dazzle your eyes in an uncomfortable way.

2. Green

Since green has both the characteristics of warm and cool, it also makes a great choice for bedrooms. Green may set off a range of emotions, from relaxed to joyful, depending on the shade. It can even make your bedroom look more elegant. You can try olive green or forest green for the walls, with white accents on the trim as well as door and window frames.

3. Neutrals

If you cannot decide on colorful paints or you want to focus more on the furniture, décor, and wall art, stick to neutral colors. Choose a softer, lighter shade that won’t overpower the whole space but will otherwise bring attention to the furniture and accessories. Ideal neutral colors for the bedroom include white, shades of gray, beige, dirty white, ecru, ivory, snow, ash, and taupe.

Brown may also be considered a neutral color. While bedrooms are generally a place to “cool off,” bedrooms can also be warm, cozy, and inviting — a good place to snuggle. Brown can also bring a more “organic” and natural feel to your space. If you want to achieve that effect in your master bedroom, paint it with shades of brown — chocolate, tan, beaver, sandy, wood, etc. To balance the all-out brown (especially for rich and darker hues), paint the ceiling, trim and frames white, and add a white headboard. Or make it a bit more luxurious with light yellow or gold on an accent wall, and add a few shiny decorative pieces and accessories.

4. Blue

Blue naturally sets a calming and relaxing mood, so it is a popular choice for bedrooms. Dark blues provide a luxurious backdrop for any fancy decor and furnishings, and they are ideal for traditional bedrooms. If you love more vibrant blues, go for turquoise, powder, and periwinkle. Don’t be afraid to try striking patterns which can bring an exciting style to an all-blue motif. Pastel tones, on the other hand, create a lighter, softer, and more subtle ambiance.

5. Pink

Pink rooms aren’t just for little girls anymore. If you want to make your room pink without looking like Barbie’s house, you may opt for subtle and softer shades on the walls. Then add some touches of more vivid shades on things like deeper pink pillows, ottoman, or even just a vase on the side table with bright pink flowers.

But if you go for deeper pinks on the walls, paint the trim and ceiling with white, and add some white or other light-colored furnishings to create balance.

6. Violet

Similar to the color green, violet is combination of warm and cool. It can be stately, playful, or romantic, depending on the shade. Deep, rich violets should be balanced with white furniture and white paint on the ceiling and trim. They are especially suitable for fancy decor and furnishings as well as antiques. Lighter shades like lavender or mauve bring a more whimsical feel. They are especially popular for children’s bedrooms and playrooms but they can be used for the master bedroom, as well.

The interesting and fun part of house painting in Concord is choosing your own color. It is also an important step to turn a room, such as your master bedroom, into an enviable personal space.


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