House Painting Concord – Why You Want to Hire a Licensed Professional

House painting in Concord carries many important decisions. One of the most important things to consider, when hiring a painter to do the job for you, is to decide if you want to choose a licensed professional or pay less out of pocket to an unlicensed contractor. This is a major decision that can determine the final product after the painting is finished.

The first thing to consider in this decision is the legal matter. In most states, contractors are required to have a license to work. This licensing generally shows that the contractor has been educated in his field and has been trained in the trade. When the contractor provides his credentials, verify them. There have been instances of contractors who said they were licensed, but the homeowner discovered that the license had expired, or was not a valid license number.

The quality of work done by an unlicensed contractor is usually much less than the quality of work done by a licensed professional. Since it costs the contractor to get a license, usually only professionals who are serious about their work invest in getting one. There may, however, be people who really know very little about the trade who can bluster through and purchase a license despite their amateur status, so talking to references and checking ratings is still important. In fact, if you have doubts about a painting contractor’s license, you may want to verify it on the Contractors State License Board website (

The biggest issue with licensing is the financial aspect. If your contractor does a bad job or causes financial loss to you through damage or error, that financial loss may be unrecoverable if the contractor is not licensed or insured. This may cause an increase in your homeowner’s insurance, or the insurance company may cancel your policy. Theft and other crimes may not be covered, either.

The unlicensed contractor is not liable in an injury case; the homeowner is responsible. Since licensing requires a proof of insurance in 39 states, a licensed professional’s insurance will cover any personal or property damage that may occur. If an employee of an unlicensed contractor gets hurt while on your property, the employee can sue you, as the homeowner, for medical expenses and loss of wages. It is safer for your pocketbook to pay the little extra that may be needed to hire a licensed professional for your house painting job in Concord.

Remember, if finances are a concern but you know your house needs to be painted, choosing an unlicensed contractor is not a wise financial decision. Speak with a number of licensed painting contractors, talk to their references and verify their license. Finding the right contractor will make your house painting in Concord easier, and sometimes cheaper, than you realize.