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House Painting Danville: Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for New Paint

House Painting Danville: Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for New Paint

House Painting Danville: Preparing Your Home's Exterior for New Paint

In every aspect of house painting in Danville, including painting the exterior, good preparation is the key to a good paint finish. This article will show you the steps for properly preparing your home’s exterior surface before you begin painting.

1. A clean and smooth surface is essential for good paint adhesion. Clean the walls thoroughly by using water, brush, a clean rag, and a detergent. For better results, buy a detergent that’s specially formulated for wall cleaning. You can also use a pressure washer to remove more stubborn dirt. However, use it with caution because the high-velocity water spray can damage wood and even break windows. For safe power-washer cleaning, stand at an appropriate distance (not closer or farther than 12 feet) from the wall’s surface.

For surfaces that don’t have peeling or flaking paint, use a regular garden hose instead. Then scrub the surface with trisodium phosphate (TSP) which is proven effective in surface cleaning. For walls with mildew issues, clean them by using a solution that consists of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. After washing, let the surface dry to make sure that the bleach solution kills the mildew. Afterwards, rinse the surface thoroughly then let it dry before painting.

2. If you do see loose or flaking paint, scrape it away by using a wire brush or a metal scraper. If the old paint is intact, then there’s no need to remove it.

After scraping that certain surface, make it smooth by using sandpaper. Priming is not necessary but it helps by making the paint adhere better to the surface. Prime the surface after sanding. Let the primed surface dry, and finally apply a top coat of paint.

3. If you see any surface flaws (such as cracks and holes), be sure to fix them. You can use a compound specially made for repairing exterior surface flaws. Carefully read the instructions on the compound’s label. After filling the cracks and/or holes with the compound, let it completely dry. Finally, smooth the surface by sanding. You’ll then be ready to begin painting.

4. In case you spot any old caulking that has failed to seal, it’s necessary that you remove it. After removing the old caulk, apply a brand-new (and a better-quality) caulk to replace the caulk you removed. Check the trim around windows and doors as well as any other areas that need to be sealed by caulking. When you buy new caulk, make sure that you buy one that’s paintable.

5. Check areas of your house, especially around windows, where old putty that is crumbling or falling apart could be found. Apply new putty around windows, and then apply new glazing. Let them dry completely first before applying new paint.

6. Cover your lawn, bushes, and flower beds with drop cloths. Canvas, albeit more expensive than plastic, is always an excellent material for drop cloths. They can be stored away afterward you are finished painting and used again.

7. After all the cleaning and repairing, it’s recommended that you prime the surface first before painting. Again, a primer helps the paint to stick better to the surface. Apart from that, it’s also an effective stain-blocker. If you live in moist areas where mildew is a problem, buy an anti-mold primer.

If the previous paint on the surface is a dark color and you want to apply a lighter color, make sure to prime the surface first. Let the surface dry after priming to ensure the darker paint is well covered.

Then you’re ready to paint!

House painting is not as easy as it looks, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. It is always more laborious and time-consuming to paint the exterior of your house as opposed to painting the interiors. But if you use the right products and follow the proper cleaning and prepping procedures, you will be assured that your house painting in Danville will have your home looking as good as new.


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