House Painting Pleasanton – Choosing the Right Colors for a Boys Bedroom

House painting in Pleasanton can come with a variety of challenges. Choosing paint colors for a girl’s bedroom should be relatively easy; you can paint it with a variety of colors from fuchsia pinks to baby blues, depending on your or her preference. Choosing colors for a boy’s bedroom, on the other hand, can be a more difficult task. Boys, especially those who are coming of age, are notoriously difficult to figure out. As they grow up, their tastes in music, dress, and room color can change rapidly and without warning.

Certainly, the fact remains that the color choices for your young man’s bedroom are limited compared to girls’. However, with a little research you will be surprised to learn that a few other colors are also suitable for your little man’s bedroom. You will be able to find strong and vivid colors as well as muted earthy shades that will work well for your boy’s bedroom.

Here are some suggestions for picking colors for your boy’s bedroom when house painting in Pleasanton:

1. Blue

This color works for every gender, but this is especially a classic room color for most males. As a little boy grows up into a young man, the pastel blues are out and bolder, darker shades are in. Pick shades such as navy blue with metallic undertones. This is a particularly popular choice among boys’ bedrooms. You may paint navy or cobalt blue as the paint color and accent it with silver and black. If such colors are too dark, choose neon blue that will work with other neon colors and designs. Neon blues are bright and an unusual choice for a boy’s bedroom, but they can be found at most paint stores that sell a wide range of color options.

2. Gray

If a teen boy is a fan of anything Gothic, there is no better way to paint his space than doing it with a dark gray paint. The depth of this color bespeaks of a boy’s fascination with anything dangerous and mysterious. Gray can be also a versatile color. Once a boy’s Gothic phase is over, his room can be easily transformed from a Gothic cave into a more sophisticated space. To do away with Gothic traces, put accents on the dark gray walls with bright red, blue or black. Black brings further sophistication to any boy’s room, and also provides for a good, gradual transition color as a boy grows up to his college years. A boy’s bedroom can be painted with lighter gray, but make sure to add some warm undertones. If they are not added, the room will end up looking pale and uncomfortable.

3. Green

Greens are also versatile colors and some shades can be right for boys of any age. When a little boy has outgrown the pastel and vivid greens, choose for a shade of green that is more natural and has yellow undertones. If the teen boy has the furniture pieces that have grown with him since his nursery days, paint the room with the more woodsy green that will complement these pieces. If a boy lves the outdoors, green is a perfect color to emphasize his enthusiasm with nature. It is better when the greens are accented with natural colors such as several shades of brown, cream, and pale yellow. Green is a calming color as much as blue. However, unlike blue, green also brings warmth that will help a boy relax and rest in his own space.

4. Other color options

Even bright shades of red and orange can be used to create the space your little man will love and can even last with him for years. You may also want to consider another neutral color, brown. It is also a good option, but be careful how you use it. For instance, when a boy’s room is painted in warm latte, make sure that you add some eye-popping elements such as bright red furniture or a colorful piece of artwork. Purple is a universal color that can also work in a boy’s room. As your boy reaches adolescence, replace the lavender walls from his nursery and childhood years into a more sophisticated, darker purple such as royal and eggplant shades.

Choosing the right colors for a boy’s bedroom can be really challenging when house painting. However, this task would be much easier if you let the boy himself decide the color for his room. Since it is his room, his opinions should matter most. Ask him what he likes and dislikes, and more often than not he will tell you what color he wants for his own space. It is your boy alone who knows what color he’s most comfortable with, so use it when house painting in Pleasanton.