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House Painting San Ramon: Baseboards and Trim Don’t Have to Be White

House Painting San Ramon: Baseboards and Trim Don't Have to Be White

House painting in San Ramon gives you the freedom to either go classic or go against the trend. You can see your house as a reflection of yourself and you may want to paint it according to your preferences or whims, as long as the colors are painted wisely and go along well with the other colors in the room.

Baseboards and trim are usually painted white. There’s no arguing that white is a classic choice, and this color works especially if the wall or other accents are much more colorful — white brings a bold and fresh look to the room. Plus, white works faultlessly on either plain or elaborate baseboards and trim. In other words, white is a no-brainer choice.

But who says that baseboards and trim have to be always painted white? If you want to put some decorative touches to your home on a budget, then you should consider painting baseboards and trim of a different color. This is good especially if you’re tired of the white baseboards and trim and would like to paint them with a different color.

  1. Same colors as the walls
    If you are a no-frills person who plans to leave the walls unadorned or if you otherwise want to fill the walls with decor or artwork, the best way is to paint the baseboards or trim in the same color like the walls have. Painting them in this way provides a seamless, flowing, and fresh look to the space.
  2. Paint them darker than the walls
    Sometimes you feel that the white or light-colored baseboards and trim make the whole space look stuffy or stodgy. So why not paint them a few (or even several) shades darker than the walls? It gives a crisp and a bit modern edge, but at the same time, it also provides a more relaxing and laid-back ambiance to the room.
  3. Go for completely different colors!
    While it is sensible to go for baseboards and trim colors that blend well with the wall colors, sometimes it’s okay to spice up the look of the space by choosing colors that are totally different from each other. You don’t always have to follow a certain color scheme; choose the colors for the baseboards and trim that are totally unexpected. Look for complementary colors from the color wheel and then pick any from those spectrums. For example, if your walls are lavender, paint baseboards and trim with green or yellow. Painting baseboards and trim a totally different color will give your space a fun vibe, and will strongly reflect your personal taste.
  4. Paint them black
    Black is also the classic choice for baseboards or trim; this color tends to make any room stately and elegant. It also helps in outlining the shapes of the doors and windows, making even the plainest of spaces a lot bolder. If you want your space to make a strong statement, you can never go wrong with choosing black.
  5. Earth tones
    Earth tones such as tan, beige, or dark brown on the baseboards and trim will give elegance and warmth to any plain space with white walls. Earth tones work well for either contemporary homes or homes built in a “period” architecture (such as Victorian or American Craftsman).
  6. Faux
    Don’t have any baseboards or trim in your room? No problem! Even if your house doesn’t have any woodwork, you can mimic them with painting. It can add the illusion of an added height, width, or architecture to a plain-looking space.

Even if they’re just baseboards or trim that you’re going to paint, it nevertheless can spell a big difference to your space. That’s the beauty of house painting in San Ramon – just a small painting job can make a great impact in your home.


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