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House Painting San Ramon – Painting Over Wallpaper

House Painting San Ramon – Painting Over Wallpaper

House Painting San Ramon – Painting Over Wallpaper

You want to get rid of your old wallpaper? House painting in San Ramon can be the solution you want without actually having to go through the time, effort, and often problem of removing the wallpaper.

You don’t necessarily have to remove your wallpaper to paint the walls. This is especially true if the wallpaper has been there years. Removing it may leave unexpected damage to your walls. However, if the wallpaper is still in ok condition or has adhesive that’s impossible to remove, then painting over wallpaper may be the better option. Also, by leaving the wallpaper where it is and in its current condition, you can start to paint right away.

If you’ve decided to paint over wallpaper, you still need to do some prep work, as it with any painting job to get a good finish. In order to arrive at the best results of painting over wallpaper, you will want to follow the simple steps described below.

  1. Clean the entire surface thoroughly. Use trisodium phosphate (TSP), which is an excellent cleaning agent. You can use something that is like TSP. There are TSP substitutes and most of them are sodium-carbonate-based and eco-friendly, but they’re less effective at removing oil or grime.
  2. After cleaning, rinse off the entire surface with water, and then use a clean cloth to remove traces of the cleaner. Allow your walls to dry completely before going to the next step.
  3. Check the condition of the wall for flaws before you start to paint. If you don’t take time to check your walls what you will see eventually is more visible imperfections after the wallpaper has been painted.

    Feel the wallpaper with your hands to check for bumps and tears. Check all seams to see if there are peeling or loose pieces. If you find any peeling sections of the wallpaper, use wallpaper paste or glue to seal them.

  4. If you discover any damaged areas and seams, cover them with spackle or joint compound. Remember that you may need to apply several coats of the joint compound, because once it dries, it begins to shrink. When you are done and you still see excess joint compound, carefully sand it away.
  5. To ensure a smoother surface, use fine sandpaper to go over the walls. A sanded and smoothened surface will help the paint to adhere better.
  6. You may or may not need to apply a sealer over the wallpaper. However, applying a sealer will minimize the chances of the wallpaper peeling or loosening. Make sure you use an oil-based or shellac-based sealer. Never use a water-based sealer because this would cause the wallpaper to peel or loosen.
  7. Cover areas where you don’t want to paint, or to prevent paint from seeping. Use painter’s tape (blue tape) to cover areas such as baseboards or window trim. You will also want to remove outlet and switch covers to keep from getting paint on them.
  8. Prime the surface. Just like a sealer, use a primer that is oil- or shellac- based, and not water-based ones. When using a primer, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the can. This will tell you the recommended application methods and drying time. After the primer has dried, check over the surface for possible flaws you might have missed. If damage is found, applying spackle, and then coat the fixed surface again with a primer after the spackle has completely dried and has been sanded.
  9. Paint over the surface. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use oil-based paints instead of latex (water-based). For best results, apply two coats of paint. Since oil-based paints take longer to dry (at least 24 hours or more), be patient to allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.
  10. Gently remove the painter’s tape from the walls after the paint has dried.

Follow these simple tips when painting over wallpaper to ensure you have of a beautiful finish. Your walls will look and feel brand new with no more traces of the old wallpaper underneath. As an additional bonus, if you choose to do house painting in your San Ramon home in the future, it will be much easier to do.


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