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How Many Commercial Painters in Fremont Should I Interview?

How Many Commercial Painters in Fremont Should I Interview?

Hiring commercial painters in Fremont is like going through the eye of the needle, so to speak, before finally hiring that one painter who exactly meets your requirements and specifications.

Hiring commercial painters is considered a big investment – and if this is going to be a big renovation project – you don’t want to throw all your hard-earned money away to pay someone who doesn’t know how to handle a paintbrush or doesn’t treat his clients professionally.

One of the common mistakes for business owners is just to ask a bunch of painters, point them to the project, and ask each one for an estimate. Maybe business owners do not want to trouble or offend contractors or assume that these contractors know everything, so they do not bother to ask the important questions required to learn which the best painter for the job is.

It is true that most contractors should be professional and are supposed to know everything about commercial painting. However, remember that their approach could be different from other contractors. As an owner of a business establishment you should also be involved in the assessment of your place together with the contractors, since you know where the problem lies. You can also give them suggestions while contractors are inspecting and assessing your place.

If you plan to have your establishment painted, you should consider inviting and interviewing a minimum of three contractors based on your own shortlist. Why three? Why not just two? Simply because it is enough of a number to do comparisons of their skills, experiences, as well as the estimates that they will have given after assessing your business establishment.

After inspecting and assessing the site, these bidding contractors will submit proposals regarding your project. These estimates should include the price, the scope of work, and other details and specifications. For example, the first bidder may include an extra layer of the topcoat, while the second bidder may settle for just one top coat (to win the project), and the third bidder offers to add a special kind primer.

Their estimates should be very similar to each other. If you see an estimate that is too cheap or too expensive, or plainly sounds too good to be true, you want to discuss the difference in their estimate first. If they don’t give you a satisfactory answer for the difference, you should not consider that contractor.

To get the best bids from these three candidates, you should have a clear picture of what you really want for your project. So, before the bidders come over to your site, you should have a detailed list of your job requirements. Include everything involved in the project – from paint colors and finishes to preparation and cleanup.

When it’s time for you and your three candidates to sit down for an interview, ask them the following important questions before choosing to hire one:

  • How long have you been in the industry? (Most customers, of course, prefer experienced contractors. One contractor may have worked for someone else for several years before starting their own business, so consider that length of time as experience, too.)
  • Do you have a valid license? (All contractors in California are required to have licenses.)
  • Do you have general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance? (All licensed contractors in California should have proof of both types of insurance.)
  • Do you employ your own workers? Or are your workers subcontractors? (Reputable painters usually employ their own workers)
  • Do your workers undergo a regular safety training program? (As commercial painting often involves painting small, narrow, as well as dangerously high areas – such as painting a tall apartment complex – safety should be absolutely one of the requirements)
  • Should I be concerned with your crew painting in my business? (It’s important to do a background check on the employees to ensure they do not have a criminal background that was even unknown to the employer.)
  • What kinds of paints do you use? Will you consider another brand?
  • How long is your warranty? Does it include labor and paint?

Aside from those questions, you may have other ones that you have in mind which you’d like to include in the list. Be sure to ask each potential contractor the same questions. Don’t be afraid to take notes while you’re interviewing them to ensure you can accurately compare them once the interviews are over.

Every business owner deserves a beautifully-painted commercial space. Evaluating the experience, skills, and professionalism of commercial painters in Fremont will help you choose the perfect candidate who will work toward improving the look of your business.


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