Information Painters in Pleasanton Need to Know Prior to Painting Your Home

Are you considering having your home painted? The following is information painters in Pleasanton will need to know prior to painting your home. It would be helpful to pull this information before you begin calling painting contractors in Pleasanton and the surrounding areas to get quotes.

  • Which areas in your home do you want to paint? Before they can offer a quote, they will need to know if they are painting the interior or the exterior of your home. They also need to know how many rooms they will be painting.
  • Will you have other work done before they can begin painting? In other words, do you want to change the molding in the room, repair damaged drywall or hang new doors and windows? Custom Painting, Inc. also offers custom molding installation.
  • Do you know what colors you want to use and on which walls they will paint them? If you do not have colors decided, the painter may have suggestions.
  • Based on the paint currently in the room, they will need to know how many coats of paint the room needs. Generally, it helps painters to know what colors are already in a room to help them determine how many coats they need to apply.
  • Will they have to work around a cluttered room? Remember, the painters will need to cover furniture or other items in the room before they can start. Knowing how cluttered a room is will help them ensure they have enough drop cloths.
  • Is anyone in your family sensitive to odors? Will this affect when they will be able to paint? Will they need to use low-odor paint?
  • Do you have a specific type of paint you want them to use? Some painters in Pleasanton will use a particular brand of paint as a rule. If you want them to use a specific brand of paint, it is important to let them know so they can adjust their estimate accordingly.
  • How important is it that they use eco-friendly paints? Not all house paints are created equal and not everyone is as environmentally conscious. If you prefer to use only non-VOC paints, the painter will need this information to provide an accurate estimate.

Once you have discussed the things the painter will need to know, you will also want to get specific information from them. Some of the things you will want to know are:

  • What type of insurance do you carry? This is important to ensure your property is protected in case of a paint spill.
  • Will the price of the estimate be different than the final cost, and if so, by how much? Obviously, a painter will want to estimate low to win your job. Avoid “buyer’s remorse” by discussing possible reasons why the cost would be different. You may also want to include a clause in the contract about remaining within a certain range difference.
  • Will you complete my job at one time? Some painting contractors begin a job and then stop when they get a new one. You want to ensure the painting contractor has dedicated painters to complete your job on time.
  • Do they provide references? If you ask for them, actually call the references in order to determine if they are the right painting contractor for your job.

Deciding to have your home painted can be stressful, there is so much to consider. It does not have to be. If you provide the information painters in Pleasanton need to know prior to painting your home, getting a reasonable estimate should be easier.