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Interior Painting Tips for House Painting in San Ramon

Interior Painting Tips for House Painting in San Ramon

Are you ready to do house painting in San Ramon? Check out these invaluable interior painting tips for a smooth, professional-looking finish that will make a big difference to your room. After you’ve done all the prep work on your interiors (such as cleaning the walls or priming them), then it’s time for the main part of house painting.

Painting the interior of your house remains one of the most popular DIY activities. Only a fresh coat of paint will make a big transformation in your room. If you need to have a relatively easy and quick interior painting with a professional-looking finish, consider these great tips.

  1. Determine the square footage of your interiors. The professional housepainters recommend one gallon of paint/400 sq. ft. If you have walls that are rough, textured or not primed, you will require much more paint. If you have your walls cleaned, primed or sanded, they may require less paint; the result is a much smoother finish.
  2. When using drop cloths, use canvas instead of plastic. Although plastic is the more inexpensive way to protect some parts of your house from paint splatters and drippings, investing on canvas drop cloths is a better idea. Canvas is undoubtedly more durable. Plastic is more prone to rips but canvas isn’t. Canvas just lays flat on the surface, unlike plastic where you’ll encounter more hazards of slipping and tripping. Canvas is easily foldable around the wall corners and can be used again and again, whereas used plastic sheeting is thrown away after it’s been used.
  3. For ceiling paintings, why not use an extension pole instead of mounting a stepladder? Depending on how tall your ceilings are, extension poles come in different lengths. There are poles that measure up to 18 feet long and some have extensions from 36 inches — these poles are suitable if you have a room with ceilings measuring eight or nine feet tall. Investing in one of these extension poles with rigid metal core is better than buying a pole with plastic handles, as metal-reinforced poles gives you better control in your ceiling painting.
  4. If you dread longer painting hours and otherwise want to speed things up a little bit, ditch your paint tray and go for the paint grid. A paint grid is a rectangular plastic or metal screen that latches onto the rim of the bucket. The recommended size of the bucket is five gallons so that the paint grid will fit into it quite well. With the paint grid you can fill the five-gallon bucket halfway with paint, then hang the paint grid inside the bucket. Dip your paint roller into the bucket. Drain your roller against the grid to remove excess paint, and you’re good to paint your walls and ceilings smoothly and quickly. Painting with your grid is great because it also gives you less chance of creating much mess.
  5. It is recommended that you paint the trim first, then the ceilings and walls. Let your paint dry before removing the masking tapes for a flawless edge.
  6. If you want to have a consistent color scheme in your interior, mix several cans of paint into one large bucket.

Following these interior painting tips for house painting in San Ramon will make the entire process quicker and easier.


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