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Planning for House Painting in San Ramon

Planning for House Painting in San Ramon

House painting in San Ramon may be an intimidating task, at least it is for some people. But as long as you know what you want or what needs to be done for your home, it shouldn’t be too difficult like you may have imagined.

If you’re going to paint the interiors, choosing what colors fit your room can be quite tricky. But consider these tips:

  • Try to match the paint color with the elements of your home whose colors are permanent — such as a red velvet couch, a green-marbled floor, an ebony cabinet, or a Persian rug. Make sure that the colors you choose for the room will be compatible with these fixed elements, not clash with them.
  • Consider your mood, wants, personality, or needs when deciding on your room color. It also helps if each member of the family has a say on this matter. Of course, babies and very young children probably won’t care what color the walls are.
  • It may contradict with common sense, but the small color chips you get from the paint store are not the best method to use when deciding for your color scheme. Instead, it is suggested that you cut a piece of the wall (preferably 1″ x 2″ size piece) from any obscure area of your home and bring it to the paint store. Mix and match colors using this piece of the wall, and hold it out against your room. This allows you to see how this particular color will look if it were actually used. This method will give you a clearer idea to help you decide on your color scheme.
  • In choosing the sheen, the best way to determine this is by the function of your room or the level of traffic it receives. If it’s the bedroom you want to paint, flat paints are often a good choice. For areas that see more activity such as a kid’s playroom, a family room or a foyer, an eggshell or satin paint is a good choice. Semi-gloss paints go great for high-traffic spaces like a kitchen, bathroom, or a separate dining room. But if you want to paint only trim, railings, doors, and windows for accent, glossy paints are the best bet.

Here are some tips for those deciding to paint the exterior:

  • The easy way to help you determine the paint color for your exterior is the architectural style of your house. Is your home built in a craftsman, country, ranch, Victorian, Mediterranean, or modern style? What color has been commonly used on these styles?
  • You may also take inspiration from other homes in the neighborhood or homes that you see in the magazines or on websites.
  • Consider the permanent elements of your home such as the roof, stone, or brick (if they’re not to be painted), perennial plants, awnings, etc. Choose paint that will be compatible with these fixed elements.
  • Take a look around your home’s immediate surroundings. Is it situated in the city, or a quiet town, or surrounded by woods, or near the beach? The location can also greatly influence your paint color decisions.

Going through paint stores, home improvement stores and hardware stores to buy paint and other necessary tools can be a little overwhelming, too. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you’ve already prepared a checklist before you proceed. Apart from the paint, primer and thinners, there are other things that you need for this job, from prepping the surface up to the clean up and disposal of leftover paint.

  • Cleaning and prepping the surface – you may need any of these items: a step ladder, wall cleaner, detergent, mildew stain remover, trisodium phosphate (TSP), face mask or dust mask, goggles, gloves, drop cloths, painter’s tape, screwdriver (for removing switch plates, doorknobs, and other fixtures), wire brush, caulk, spackle or other sealant, caulking gun, putty knife, sandpaper, sponges, sanding block, scrapers, and stirring sticks.
  • Painting – choose from paintbrushes, roller frames, roller covers, paint tray, five-gallon bucket, bucket screen, paint tray liners, extension pole, paint pads, and angled paintbrushes.
  • Cleanup and disposal – this will require solvents, buckets, towels, a broom, and a dustpan.

Nothing stresses you like planning for house painting in San Ramon. However, having a clear vision for the job and early preparation will help minimize that stress.

If you don’t wish to do the job yourself, you have another option — hiring a professional painting contractor who will do all the work. However, choosing a contractor just doesn’t end there. You need to do some research on the candidates whether they are licensed, provide estimates and warranties, use quality materials, and other factors. This will help you decide whether each contractor is really up to do the job of house painting in San Ramon for your home.


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