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Ceiling Removal

Ceiling Removal

Ceiling RemovalIn the past, acoustic ceilings, also known as popcorn ceilings, were popular. Today, however, homeowners would rather remove them. Custom Painting, Inc. has the experience to remove these types of ceilings and make the process as simple as possible.

We cover your furniture to protect it rather than asking you to remove it. Other companies may make request that the furniture be moved out. You may save a little bit of money by removing the furniture but it is not necessary. We do ask that you spend one night at a different location, however. This will allow us to leave the masking in place for the work to be done. If you cannot leave your home during the night, please be sure to tell us. We have two options if this is the case: 1) We will remove the masking for the rooms you will need for the night. Then we will re-mask the rooms again in the morning or 2) We do the work in two phases. In either of these instances, the price may increase slightly.

The cost of removing acoustic tiles will vary. There are a couple of factors that determine the cost: whether your ceilings were painted, how tall the ceilings are, whether or not the ceilings are vaulted, if there is wallpaper present, and having excessive furniture in the rooms. If possible, set up an appointment to speak with an estimator. They will visit your home and evaluate the work to be done. Your estimate will take approximately 15 minutes and is free.

Not only will we remove the acoustic/popcorn ceilings from your home, we will also dispose of it. Next we float the tape joints and nail holes. When the mud is fully dry, we sand the joints until they are smooth, before we add texture to the ceiling. You may choose either knockdown texture or splatter texture. We spray both of these textures on the ceiling. The splatter texture is rounded because it is sprayed and left alone until it is dry. The texture of the knockdown is flat and a little rough. This is because a broad knife is used to flatten the texture when it is about ¾ dry. If you would like to see how these textures look, we can supply samples.

preparing for popcorn celing removal   spackling ceiling after popcorn ceiling removal and before interior painting   residential and interior painting after popcorn ceiling removal

Once the texture is completely dry, we will lightly sand it. Then we apply a stain lock primer followed by the paint you have chosen for the ceiling. You do not have to paint the ceiling after the primer is added, however it is recommended.

Give us a telephone call if you would like to set up an appointment to receive a free estimate. Even though it can be difficult to remove popcorn or acoustic ceilings, Custom Painting, Inc. understands how to make it a painless experience and on that is much easier than you might think.

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