Affordable Painters Near Me – Finding One in My Budget

A fresh coat of paint makes everything it touches look brand new. While repainting your home costs less than an entire renovation, it can still be costly without thought and proper planning. If you’re looking for an affordable painter near me and are on a tight budget, you can still save money while having professionals do your paint job. 


Below are some insider tips (some from the actual painters themselves) that may help you get the best deals when hiring a painter:


1) Buy paints and primer directly from their source

You can save a significant amount of money if you buy the paints directly from a paint retailer or, better yet, a wholesaler. While sourcing the paint from your contractor may be more accessible, you will also be paying for the markup charged by the contractor.


But first, ask your contractor whether this is possible, as many painting contractors won’t use a paint product they haven’t supplied. This choice is mainly because of warranty issues. So, it’s better to ask your contractor ahead of time whether this is a possible option for saving money or not.


Wherever you buy the paint, make sure they’re of good quality. 


2) Request for a bid to be a “last-minute” filler

One of the biggest challenges for many paint contractors is managing their work schedules. Sometimes, a customer postpones a job, leaving a gap in the contractor’s schedule, which means lost revenues and wages. If you are ready to begin your paint job with a day or two’s notice, the contractor may offer you a discount.


3) Clean the surfaces that you want to be painted

You can save money on labor charges by properly cleaning the surfaces beforehand. Clean and wash down surfaces, let them dry, and repair any damages that could have prevented the paint from sticking to the surface. Give the trim, baseboard, and molding a quick wipe so that they can be free of dust, dirt, and debris when you’re going to tape them.


4) Skip pay for prep

If your contractor is paid by the hour, you can save some money by getting the area ready for painting before your contractor comes to paint. Clear out the area by moving the furniture out. If the furniture is too heavy, you can cover them with drop cloths. But if there’s a lot of furniture or the pieces are too fragile, you may need more time to move them out or ask a neighbor for some help.


Remove any framed photos or artwork, wall fixtures, curtains and curtain rods, and other decorative elements. Store them in a safe place until the job is finished.


5) Hire painters during the winter

In the colder regions in the US, work tends to slow down during the winter and holidays. The cold months may be the best time to do a home renovation project for many reasons. One, booking a painting project during the winter is easier than during the summer, where demands for painting jobs reach an all-time high that may lead you to run into scheduling issues. Two, paint cures faster in the dry and cold air. Moisture and humidity during the summer season will negatively affect your paint’s ability to adhere to the surface. Three, your paint contractor needs to keep his crew busy, which sometimes means going down a little on their price. You can save great discounts and give the contractor and his crew work opportunity during the off-season.


It’s possible to save some money and have the job done professionally by affordable painters near me. Of course, it’s important to talk with your contractor first about whether they can discount their bid based on these money-saving suggestions.