Are All Commercial Painting Services in San Jose the Same?

Nowadays, commercial painting services in San Jose are within your reach. Commercial painters seem to be at every corner and can be sought out by just a call away, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Obviously, not all commercial paintings services in the area are exactly the same. They differ in many things which include the kinds of paints (and paint brands) and the tools they use, the rates they charge, the estimates and the warranties they offer, the number of their manpower, their schedules and lots of other things.

So that leaves you to ask: who’s the best contractor I can possibly find and hire?” There are ways to ensure you of the perfect contractor to paint your commercial property.

1. Ask around — your friends, neighbors or colleagues who also happen to operate a business somewhere. They may recommend you to the commercial painter they’ve worked with in the past whom they liked, and would even like you to visit their property to check out the latest work by the contractor they hired.

2. Go online and check out their contractors’ company websites. Go through their history, vision, they kind of services they offer, portfolio as well as customer testimonials. If you also would like to know if that company is otherwise notorious for receiving a lot of customer complaints, log on to the Better Business Bureau website and enter the name of the contractors you’re considering.

3. When you have your short list of contractors — preferably up to three contractors — interview them one by one and ask for their estimates. Invite the contractors over to your property so that they can inspect it and then they will be able to prepare an estimate for you. Next, to their experience, skills, and competency, you should also look out for punctuality, courtesy, respect and good communication/interaction skills in a contractor. If a certain candidate is able to meet all of these requirements, hire that contractor.

You should also observe the behavior of every contractor. Is his speech a bit slurry, or is his behavior a little rough? Those are some of the signs that he may be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, and that would be very detrimental to the whole painting project. If you suspect something, then, by all means, do not hire this contractor

4. Ask these following important questions when interviewing them:

  • How long has your company been doing the commercial or industrial painting?
  • Is your company licensed and insured? And for how long? (If none of them answers “yes,” you’d rather look elsewhere)
  • Does your company employ your own workers or does it use subcontractors? (You’d always prefer to work for a company who employs its own workers)
  • Does your company belong to any affiliations?
  • Has your company received any accolades?
  • Am I going to worry about your men who will work on my property?

If the contractor answers all of the questions affirmatively, you may almost have his services in your hands. The last thing you need to request is a written warranty of his work, which includes the things that the painting covers (or doesn’t cover) as well as the period of warranty. Ask the contractor if you have any questions regarding the warranty.

Typical warranties will expire after one to three years, while there are warranties that have a period as long as 15 years or even warranties that last a lifetime. You may even be tempted to avail of the longer warranty, but then again, think of it as a marketing ploy unless the painting service company is reputable.

Commercial painting services in San Jose differs from one contractor to another, so all you need to do is to research and rely on your discretion. In that, you will be able to hire the perfect commercial painter who will help upgrade the look of your store, cafe, restaurant or any other business establishment you own and operate.