Asking Commercial Painters in the Bay Area to Paint Textured Surfaces

Many commercial properties feature flat and smooth walls and ceilings as they seem to be the standard. Besides, smooth surfaces seem to be more practical as they are easier to be applied with paint.

However, there are other companies that would like to have textured surfaces. Aside from the aesthetic factor, there are also some practical uses (surprisingly) of textured surfaces. If companies want to use textured surfaces extensively, the best way is to hire commercial painters in the Bay Area. They have the experience, the skills and have the artistic flair, in applying paint to textured surfaces in commercial spaces.

We have mentioned the word “practical” about textured surfaces. There is an increasing number of companies (as well as residential properties) that have begun to see their aesthetic as well as utilitarian importance. Even just one textured accent wall that you see at a foyer or inside the board room will instantly draw attention from the employees and clients. So, there’s the visual interest here. A textured or stucco surface creates a rough masonry profile that’s visually attractive. Another benefit of using them is that adding some texture to surfaces provides visual balance.

In addition, textured surfaces create depth and make the surface look more beautiful. Even if you use the most basic of paint colors, applying them with raised textures will create a “wow” factor to the surface. It will even make the surface more luxurious.

From a practical point of view, raised textures help in hiding visual imperfections such as cracks and holes, and this is ideal for areas that receive heavy traffic such as hallways or patios. Plus, they are generally more durable and thus may need less cleaning and maintenance compared to smooth surfaces. If you’re looking for the right commercial painters in the Bay Area, the best exterior painting in the East Bay or the best exterior painting in Walnut Creek for your textured exteriors, Custom Painting, Inc. has the experience to successfully paint your exterior surfaces.

Another advantage of textured surfaces is a bit more surprising – they can act as a soundproofing insulation. This is particularly a good choice especially when you need to drown out the noise from the next room or the next tenant, and therefore this will create a more peaceful and tranquil environment for yourself as well as your clients and employees.

You can ask professional painters to apply paint to raised textures to surfaces if:

  • You need to enhance the look of your business;
  • There are too many flaws on the walls and on the ceiling;
  • You want to add a more rustic and natural look to your business;
  • You need to add a soundproofing system; and
  • You want a low-maintenance business space.

Painters also apply texture with granular paints, which are coatings added with special ingredients (such as reliefs) to create a beautiful granular effect. Granular paints give off a nice natural finish, that’s why they are widely used for exterior painting. But you can also use granular paints for interiors (such as applying them on an accent wall or a fireplace, etc.) for a more dramatic effect.

Painters usually employ the “skip trowel” technique – which is the most common technique in applying texture involving the use of a plaster and a skip trowel or plasterer’s tool. But there are also types of textured painting such as swirling, knockdown (which creates little peaks on the surface) and spray sand. You may also want to ask your painter about any of these methods that you would like to apply to your commercial space.

Applying texture paints may seem simple. Well, it is indeed simple, but it is also complicated at the same time. It takes experienced commercial painters in the Bay Area to carry it out skillfully and successfully.