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Best Exterior Painting Walnut Creek — Painting and Rain

One of the things that makes the best exterior painting in Walnut Creek is fine weather. But what if your scheduled paint job suddenly encounters a hitch when it starts to rain outside? That’s why it pays to check the weather forecast beforehand.

As you can see, painting outside is no easy task. Weather plays a significant role in deciding whether to paint outside or not. After a rainstorm, it’s challenging to paint outside since moisture gets on the surface, which makes it hard for the paint to stick. Moreover, it would be foolhardy if you proceeded to paint outside during a rainstorm.

Paint and water don’t mix, so you can’t paint on a wet day — even during a light rain shower.

But what if you had to paint? Is it possible to paint outside even when it’s raining?

The answer is, yes, it is possible to paint the exterior of your home even when it rains, but it’s not with the rain touching the surface. Not painting during the rain applies to all painting stages, starting from the dry and unpainted surface and eventually thoroughly dried or cured painted surface. When you have to paint outside during a wet day, you may have to install a tarp or any other sizable shade to protect you and the surface you intend to paint. But even with the shadow over it, it doesn’t mean that the exterior surface will be spared from humidity.

Humid conditions are typical of a rainy day, and such factors may slow down the drying or curing of the paint. So, it means that you should expect to paint to take a little longer to dry during a rainy day. You may have to delay the time until you can apply a second coat of paint. Also, humidity can cause condensation on the surface, making it even longer for the paint to dry.

Most experts and professional painters recommend against painting outside when it’s raining — even the slightest hint of it. The paint will not stick to a damp surface, and even if it does, it will result in surface problems like blistering or bubbling. The best way to avoid a disaster is to wait until weather conditions improve. If the weather forecast predicts rain for the next few days, plan it for another time.

An exterior surface that was rained on may require at least four hours of drying time under direct sunlight. Ideally, it would help to let it dry for 24 hours to make sure that the surface has completely dried. Check other areas that might have drying problems, such as parts of the home in the shade, trim and molding, cracks, and nail holes.

Make sure to use quality paints because they stick better to the surface and last longer than cheap paints. If you live near the coast or in a rain-prone area, use weather-proof paints.

But before applying paint, make sure to do surface prep. Surfaces that were rained on mean that mold and mildew may be present. In that case, you may have to clean them off with a bleach solution or mildewcide. And, of course, allow the surface to dry. Then, apply a quality primer, let it dry, and finally, apply the topcoat.

The best exterior painting Walnut Creek companies know California climate and know about paints. When working with the pros, you can be sure that they will paint only when the time is right.


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