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Best Commercial Painters Pleasanton – Are Muted Tones Best for an Office?

Your choice of paint colors when looking for the best commercial painters in Pleasanton can profoundly influence our thoughts and actions. Color can elicit a wide variety of emotions and spur anyone into doing a particular activity. In the case of offices, paint colors can profoundly affect the behavior and productivity of the employees, for better or for worse. Some colors can drive workers to become more active and driven, while others can inspire them to have a quiet but intense focus on their job.

Any color can transform a room into a more productive workspace, depending on the type or nature of your job and the mood you want to create. If you need to focus more on your job, muted tones are the best choices for your office color. You should never choose loud, vivid colors, especially if you are the type who’s easily distracted, which can hinder your effectiveness and productivity in your job.

If you plan to paint your office in stark white, you may be surprised that some experts vote against it. Yes, many corporate offices have white painted walls, but these experts claim that white is not the best choice as it is not conducive to work. The University of Texas study concluded both “high-screener” (people less distracted by loud colors) and “low-screener” (those easily distracted and aroused by loud colors) workgroups tended to make more clerical errors when placed in an all-white office room.

But if you already have an all-white office (whether a corporate or home office), it makes a perfect canvas by adding a vibrant red accent wall or vibrant accessories. But we’re talking about muted colors here, and luckily, an all-white room is also the perfect place to add your preferred muted colors. Paint your all-white walls with muted or pastel colors of your choice while keeping the doors, window frames, baseboards, trim, wainscotting, and ceiling white. Adding muted colors keeps your home or office clean, crisp, and still neutral but less cold and sterile than an all-white office. You can paint the upper portion of the wall with muted or pastel colors while keeping the lower half of it white. Not only does the resulting look become more visually balanced, but it is also more pleasing and soothing to the eye.

Here are some muted color suggestions:

Blue – Blue has been the perennial favorite among homeowners. It is a relaxed, soothing, and versatile color that can work in any room, including the office. Blue connotes trust, security, and loyalty. This color encourages you to stay calm and collected throughout your workday. If your job requires long stretches of focus time, choose clean and fresh shades of muted blue. The many muted or pastel blue shades will add a touch of calm and class to any space they adorn. If you have a workspace with an open floor plan, blue is also an unbeatable choice.

Green – If you need to focus more on your job or enhance your creativity, green is the way to go. Like blue, green is relaxed, soothing, and versatile. But unlike blue, green has an energizing effect, which is excellent, especially if you need to meet deadlines. Many muted or pastel green shades make the space look fresh and cozy without distracting or irritating.

Blue Green – If you want a cool-toned office but can’t decide between blue and green, why not combine both? This palette is both calming and refreshing. Blue keeps you calm, collected, and focused, while green keeps you also focused but energized at the same time.

Coffee or Mocha – Coffee or mocha is popular for its earthy undertones. It creates a warm and tranquil atmosphere and makes a perfect backdrop for a gallery of framed artworks or family photos. Be sure to choose muted shades of coffee or mocha and then complement them with a piece of contrasting color (such as an upholstered piece of furniture) but also in muted shades.

Pink or Rose – Pink or rose may be an unlikely choice, but it is also a soothing color that enlivens the room with its energizing and playful look. Pink or rose can work if there is an abundance of white to prevent your office space from looking like a dollhouse. Muted, subtle, and light shades of pink create a soothing and serene but warm and playful atmosphere for your office.

If you want a particular color but still can’t decide which shades to use, let the expert advice from the best commercial painters in Pleasanton guide you in choosing the perfect muted colors for your office.


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