Choosing Among the Commercial Painters in the Bay Area

Knowing that customers can be fickle, businesses may feel the need to update the look of their establishment’s interior and exterior occasionally, to retain their longtime clients as well as pull in potential customers.

It goes without saying that businesses need to look good all the time. And to do that, they need to hire a painter who is right for the job. But hiring the right painter is not as simple as you think, as commercial painters in the Bay Area are different can be unique.

Businesses don’t want to squander their hard-earned money by hiring someone who is not qualified. Remember that hiring a good painter is part of your business investment; think of a painting contractor as a partner in your business’ growth. Consider the factors that make up a good painting contractor: a focus on quality and workmanship, good customer service, commitment to their field, employee commitment, good paint products and equipment, good communication, and good leadership. Like other companies, painting contractors should have customer care and satisfaction as a core part of their business philosophy.

You don’t want to be fooled by someone who has a name with “painting company” and arrives in a white van or is holding a paint brush. You also don’t want to be lured by someone who offers the lowest rates because it is already a giveaway that they do not provide quality work and they’re only after your money.

Most businesses prefer to hire a painting contractor who is well-established, has years of experience in the industry, especially in commercial and industrial painting, as such contractors know the ins and outs of the industry. If you plan to shut your business down temporarily for a makeover, you’d also want to hire a painter who does both interior and exterior painting.

A valid license is also a requirement for every contractor in California (not all states require licenses for their contractors). Why should you hire a licensed painter? There are many benefits. A licensed painter ensures you of a quality painting job, and most importantly, insurance. When a painting contractor is licensed, it’s a sure indication that it is insured, too.

All licensed painters must have insurance for their businesses – they either have liability insurance or workers’ compensation insurance, or both. If the contractor has liability insurance, it can cover situations such as damage to your property done by the contractor. If a contractor has workers’ compensation insurance, it means that it can cover medical expenses and lost wages in the event any of their workers are injured while painting your establishment.

Licensed painters are also bonded. A bond is like insurance in a way. That means if an unforeseeable circumstance causes the project to go terribly wrong, you are covered. For example, if a painter doesn’t finish the job, or refuses to pay for the materials, the contractor’s bond will save you from these troubles.

Also, verify if that company employs their own workers, or if they use subcontractors. It’s always best to hire a contractor who employs its own workers. Using subcontractors may save the painting companies some money since subcontractors are usually paid a flat, fixed fee. This may cause them to be tempted to cut corners to get the job done quickly.

Choosing experienced, licensed, and reputable commercial painters in the Bay Area will make your business attractive to customers and will also help increase your establishment’s property value. When high-quality work is done, the value of your commercial property will reflect that. And that’s quite true especially if you own and run a real-estate business.