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Choosing Shutter Colors When House Painting in Pleasanton

Choosing Shutter Colors When House Painting in Pleasanton

Choosing Shutter Colors When House Painting in Pleasanton

When you’re doing exterior house painting in Pleasanton and want some dramatic change in your home, consider painting the window shutters that have been installed already on your windows, or plan to have them installed. Window shutters are a great opportunity to change the appearance of your house without spending too much. You don’t want to choose just any color for your shutters — the right shutter color has to work well with the rest of your house and at least not upset your neighbors.

These suggestions can help you choose a paint color for your shutters:

  1. One common factor in choosing the right color for your shutters is the exterior appearance of your home. Is your home’s architecture traditional and classic, or modern and contemporary? For traditional white homes, you could paint your shutters black or dark brown to make a highlight — these colors are great for white or cream-colored homes. However, green, red or dark blue may also work well. If your home is otherwise ultra-modern, then bright, striking, and vivid hues may be what your shutters need.
  2. Your choice of shutter color should also complement the exterior paint color. Shutter colors can be several hues from the color of your exterior, or an otherwise entirely contrasting color. For example, if you have a home with gray siding, then red paint for the shutters can be a pleasantly contrasting effect and will provide detail to your home. Or if your house has a red brick exterior and you want to choose a shutter color that harmonizes with the rest of the house, a good choice would be maroon or burgundy.
  3. Window trim colors should also be a factor in choosing shutter colors. Since the shutters and trim belong to the same window, people almost always paint the shutters with a color that matches with the color of the trim. If you want to give a different color to your shutter without making it clash with the trim, choose a color that complements the trim, such as dark gray shutters to windows with black trim. Avoid choosing colors for the shutters that completely contrast with that of the trim, this can give your house a gaudy and cheapened look.
  4. We’ve mentioned about not upsetting your neighbors when choosing for a shutter color. In order to do that, take a tour around the neighborhood. Observe at the color schemes used on your neighbor’s homes. This method will help you to decide to pick shutter colors that will harmonize well with the houses in your area. This is helpful especially if you plan to sell your home one day. Don’t pick too bright or bold colors for your shutter — this will make your house stand out from the neighbors’, but in a bad way.

Choosing color for your shutters is a great way to change the appearance and add some particular charm to your home when doing house painting in Pleasanton. Remember to be mindful that you pick a color that complements the rest of your house as well as your neighbors’.


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