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House Painting Danville: Ideas for Painting Small Rooms

House Painting Danville: Ideas for Painting Small Rooms

House Painting Danville: Ideas for Painting Small Rooms

Before you begin house painting Danville, it helps to realize that painting small rooms may be easier compared to doing larger, roomier spaces. Aside from using fewer gallons of paint, it requires much less effort to paint a smaller room. A smaller space also provides the opportunity to pick any color you like. If you want to incorporate some artwork, go for it. The possibilities are endless.

The standard rule for painting small spaces is to make it appear larger by painting a lighter-colored paint. However, you could go for other ideas that will make your small space look special. Even with a small space you can manage to make it look cozy without feeling claustrophobic. You can opt for any of these ideas:

  1. Don’t hesitate to try dark or bright colors. You may choose bold and rich colors such as bright red, various shades of orange (such as tangerine, mandarin, and persimmon) for your small spaces. Balance the look by installing low artificial lighting, and hanging many pictures as well as other artwork. Paint the frames and baseboards white, and decorate your room with brighter objects to make the wall color pop.
  2. If your small space is intended for a library, reading room, or any other type of living space, choose lighter colors. This will make the space appear larger and “flowing.”
  3. For small spaces that don’t receive enough light from outside (e.g., because of a small window or there aren’t enough windows) go for bright, cheery yellows instead of painting your room in a dark shade. Among the best shades of yellow are banana and golden honey yellow, mustard yellow, or soft yellow, saffron yellow, or yellow on the more earthy, Mediterranean side. They will look fantastic especially during dark, rainy days, and winter.
  4. Paint accents even in the most unexpected parts of the house, such as your radiator, a bookshelf nook, or windowsill to add more excitement to the room. For instance, to add a classy touch your light-colored small space, paint ebony colors on doors or door/window frames. Paint darker colors on the details to make them stand-out more.
  5. Paint one wall that will be the main focus of your small space. While some painters and designers may raise their eyebrows but this method will work wonders for your small space. Don’t hesitate to paint one wall with a darker or different color, because sometimes it will give that wall a diminishing effect, making the whole space look larger.
  6. Apartment kitchens are naturally tiny, and they’re a great opportunity to use a splash of bold colors. For example, paint your cabinets and exhaust range hoods with red for a “spicier” and more retro look.
  7. As you did in your small kitchen, go bold in the bathroom, as well. Sure, a bright or pastel color will make your bathroom look pretty, but opt for colors from a much bolder scale (such as rich chocolate brown or royal purple).

You will be surprised how many options you will have when you are faced with painting a small space. Contact a professional painting contractor and they will gladly give out their tips when you’re house painting in Danville.


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