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Commercial Painters Dublin: The Best and Worst Colors to Paint an Office

Commercial Painters Dublin: The Best and Worst Colors to Paint an Office

Each new year is a new beginning for all of us. For businesses, it means resetting their goals and vision, and renewing their energy and enthusiasm towards making the new year their best year yet. Along with the refreshed outlook, many companies may rebrand their own businesses and redecorate their work spaces, and this includes giving them a fresh coat of paint. They may seek the advice of commercial painters in Dublin, CA regarding the best new paint color for their office spaces.

It may sound preposterous that the color of your office can affect your professional behavior and relations with your colleagues. But it’s true – the color that you’re surrounded with will greatly influence your mood. Companies know all too well that a worker’s mood can considerably affect the direction of their businesses.

Although businesses can choose colors which they deem as appropriate, the following is a general guide about the best and the worst colors to choose for the office:

The best colors:

  1. Gray – When people think of gray, they mostly think of it as a dull color, and most people get turned off by it. But gray is actually a good choice for the office, for several reasons. It can calm you whenever you’re feeling high-strung trying to meet a deadline rush and can help you put your focus back in order. Gray is also an easy and versatile color to work with – just include some accents of many colors including black, white, red and even yellow, purple and pink, and make your office space livelier and inviting.
  2. Red – Red has been known as the color of passion and energy. It is generally believed that red helps in increasing blood pressure and speeding up heart rate. If you want to stir up excitement in your office space, red is probably the best choice. Red also helps in stimulating and encouraging closer communication and collaboration. Despite the positive points, an overdose of red can trigger intense emotions such as anxiety and anger, so an accent wall or two painted in deep, bold red is probably the best bet.
  3. Off-white or beige – Neutral colors such as off-white and beige are considered safe, since there’s no risk of going terribly wrong with them. They’re also easy to work with, as you can match them with accents of different colors. They are best for smaller offices as they give the illusion of a big space and make it feel less claustrophobic.
  4. Brown – Brown may be considered as a soothing color. But unlike green or blue, brown does not induce peace or tranquility that can bog down the workflow and may make workers to feel a bit lethargic. Rather, brown exudes an impression of confidence, credibility and security.

The worst colors:

  1. Yellow – Yellow is generally considered as a happy and cheery color. But an overdose of it can be really irritating and even glaring to the eyes. Yellow can also trigger intense and negative feelings such as frustration, anxiety and anger. If your office is going through some anger management, a lot of yellow is not the best way to go. Reserve that as an accent color instead.
  2. Pink – Pink may look good on your wardrobe or in your little girl’s bedroom. But on all four walls of your office? Definitely a no-no. Bright shades of pink are too stimulating, too bold, too harsh and too distracting. However, pink can be good as an accent color – a pink flower, a pink throw pillow and or a pink accent wall can bring some warmth and liveliness to the office room.
  3. Turquoise, bright green, and bright red – These colors may be eye-catching at first but being surrounded by them for long periods of time can induce feelings of anxiety, anger and tension, and this is not good especially if you’re rushing to complete work on a deadline. These colors are too intense and can even make you dizzy, so painting any of them on all four walls of your office is not a great idea.

It’s not that preferences do not matter. However, you do have to consider that the color you choose will greatly affect the mood of your colleagues or your clients. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with colors that will encourage an atmosphere of energy, positive vibe, productivity, creativity, healthy business activity and social great interaction – and these things are the ingredients for a thriving and successful business.

However, you want to remember that relaxation is also important as it will allow you to recharge and refocus your priorities, especially when you are going through a particularly stressful workday.

If you are faced with thousands of color options and you do not know which of them will suit best for your office space, do not hesitate to call commercial painters in Dublin, CA for expert advice and professional services.


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