Commercial Painters in Lathrop Can Work to Keep Your Business Open

Renovating or remodeling an existing and functioning commercial space is always an exciting prospect. But if you want your business to stay open while it undergoes a repainting project, expect some tough challenges ahead. That doesn’t mean you just let things naturally run their course, so to speak. Commercial painters in Lathrop will be there to work on the job according to your schedule so that your business will be able to operate during its usual hours like before.

One of the concerns that you will certainly encounter is inconvenience, which can happen to both your customers and employees. Of course, you don’t want them to be involved in hazards such as stepping or slipping on wet paint or unintentionally knocking into scaffolding that could cause an accidental fall. Other concerns include the smell of paint and the minute particles (as a result of sanding or abrasion) that can spread and cause health and safety problems to your clients and employees.

Before you proceed to splash a new paint color on the wall, you should work together with your contractor on how the project can be carried out while the business remains open, to avoid interruptions and potential health issues.

Place a sign such as “CAUTION: PAINTING IN PROGRESS” or “DANGER: ABRASIVE BLASTING AND SPRAY PAINTING IN PROGRESS” at the storefront or the lobby, as an advanced notice or warning. This will give your clients and employees a reason to expect that some areas of the restaurant, shop, or office are undergoing renovation such as repainting, soundproofing, or other activities.

You and your contractor should develop a plan together based on the occupancy. For example, painting can be done in schools, hospitals and clinics, restaurants, or public offices on off-days, holidays, weekends, or during summer or spring breaks. This will allow your business to operate with as little disruption as possible.

In lodgings (hotels, inns and motels) as well as retirement homes, there are some rooms that aren’t used all the time. Knowing which areas aren’t used or occupied can help both painters and managers to plan which areas need to be updated to make them available for painting.

Commercial painters should contain their work zone so that particles like dust (from sanding or abrasion) won’t spread or cause health and safety problems to the clients, guests, and employees. They will erect the proper barriers and put up caution and warning signs to block off those hazards from entering the restaurant, office, shopping areas, or other business they are working in.

Apart from containment measures, commercial painters should maintain the overall air quality by making sure their HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is working. Adjusting the HVAC accordingly will prevent strong airflow that can otherwise cause the smell of paint or the tiny dust particles to spread to areas where there is heavy customer traffic. This is applied most strongly when re-painting restaurants and cafes, where commercial painters make sure that these particles won’t spread to the kitchen and the dining area. These particles can spread to food and drink, contaminating them. They can also cause health and safety hazards to the customers.

Developing a detailed and organized plan will prevent interruptions, which can otherwise have a negative effect on the business and can also disrupt the flow of the project. It takes simple communication between you (the owner/manager) and commercial painters in Lathrop to manage the customers’ expectations and keep them away from health and safety risks during renovation or repainting work.