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Commercial Painting Companies Concord: Why Customer Service Is So Important

Commercial Painting Companies Concord: Why Customer Service Is So Important

Commercial painting is a service industry, so many commercial painting companies in Concord know all too well that customer service is a top priority. Individuals and businesses want to hire a painting contractor who isn’t only experienced but is also customer service-oriented.

When a business property owner decides that it’s time to update the look of the establishment, they prepare a significant amount of investment of time and money to the appearance and durability of their property.

To win the project, one of the best ways commercial painting companies can do this is to stand out from the competition by delivering excellent customer service. So why is customer service so important? Delivering such a quality service provides painting contractors with many advantages and benefits, which can include the following:

  1. Repeat business – a good customer service retains the customer.
  2. It boosts business reputation and image.
  3. It will help painting contractors get more references and endorsements.
  4. It will create a more effective workforce. Customer satisfaction creates a positive working environment, giving both employers and employees a boost of confidence and morale.
  5. It increases sales and profitability.
  6. It will put the company in a competitive advantage.
  7. It prevents business failure. Over 90% of businesses in the United States close their doors within the first ten years, and one of the major contributing factors is poor customer service. Many clients get frustrated over small issues such as lack of clear communication, ignoring requests, not arriving to the site on time, not following up phone calls, among others. All of these issues are within the company’s control.

A good way to start a good customer service is to arrive to the site on time, and this begins with the initial appointment with their client – the business establishment owner, that is. Arriving to every appointment on schedule gives a strong indication that the commercial painting contractor has a strong sense of responsibility. Such a display of professionalism lets the client to feel confident that the contractor cares about them and is eager to take on the project at hand.

Another reason why many commercial painting contractors stay long in the industry is that they see every query from the customer as important – even urgent. It means that the contractor must open as many avenues of discussions as possible to let their clients ask questions. Part of an excellent customer service is taking every question into consideration and answering them immediately. Even some contractors go to the job site itself and answer the questions in person, if the questions directly affect an ongoing project.

One of the big factors of an excellent customer service is making sure that the client gets their desired results. It doesn’t only involve closely listening and taking consideration of what the customer says about the project. Painting contractors often encourage clients to become actively involved in some areas of the project, such as having clients to review the list of things to be done before the project begins or asking for suggestions on the paint colors to use.

Of course, communication is always the key to a successful business transaction. It is also an essential part of good customer service. This includes responding to the customer’s every query and specification. If a question arises from the customer, or if the customer wants to make slight changes from the original concept, the project stalls until the client is reached for consultation before the project proceeds. Excellent communication and keeping the customer involved in solving problems makes commercial painting companies in Concord stand out above the competition.


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