Commercial Painters Tracy: Paints to Help Set the Tone of Your Office

When it comes to office productivity, it seems that professionals are attempting to implement almost every design approach to help maintain focus on their jobs. They may arrange their desks according to Feng Shui, but most of them overlook one thing: paint colors. Commercial painters Tracy are likely to tell you that color can be one of the single biggest factors to impact work mood and productivity.

Choosing the right color for the office environment can significantly improve your mood, productivity as well as relations with your bosses and colleagues. The right color may enable you to finish your tasks faster and more efficiently. Many companies have each of their offices painted in different colors based on departments.

The following are color suggestions for the office that you might want to consider:

1. Blue – one of the most popular colors for the office is blue. The color of nature, blue can be seen from the clear skies and deep oceans. It has the reputation of being a relaxing color, and it is true; it provides a calming effect on employees who seem to be high-strung as they rush for the deadline.

Blue is a relaxing, comforting and reassuring color, but despite its name it doesn’t make feel one “blue.” Blue inspires focus – it’s the ideal paint color choice for the kind of job that requires strict concentration and attention to detail.

Blue is also the ideal color for certain business such as spas and well-being centers.

2. Green – Like blue, green is the color of nature, but this is more abundantly found in plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. It is a combination of a cool color (blue) and a warm color (yellow), which strikes the perfect balance between calmness and creative energy, between comfort and inspiration.

Scientific studies prove that green is found to promote growth through inventiveness and resourcefulness. It’s a refreshing color, so it can also help reduce feelings of fatigue.

3. Red – Red is the color of blood, so it inspires feelings of passion, energy and excitement. This is the color to use if you need a big jolt of energy to get rid of the usual office malaise.

While a whole office painted in red can be too much (it can drive negative feelings such as anger), a touch of red can provide a positively invigorating effect.

Red is also a common sight in the food business such as fast food restaurants, as the color stimulates feelings of hunger and appetite.

4. White – White is a classic color, and it’s also the most economical choice. However, many see white as cold, sterile and boring. It is the usual color for certain offices such as medical and dental offices as well as laboratories. But if you want to create a warm and inviting working space, white may not be the ideal color.

However, white has proven to be quite versatile. If you want to play up with color combinations, you can pair white with other colors as accents such blue, green and even some loud shades of red, orange, yellow and pink. This will create a perfect balance of moods and will help in engendering office productivity.

You can ask commercial painters in Tracy if you want your office to be painted with more than one color or shade. They are the best ones when it comes to giving color consultations. However, they would also like to hear your preferences as well. In the end, both of you can reach a compromise to achieve the perfect office color that speaks of both professional recommendation and personal choice.