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Exterior House Painting for Danville Homes – Adding Interest with Doors and Windows

When home owners think about curb appeal, they are thinking about the general attractiveness of a house and yard. This is affected by exterior house painting in Danville, but it can also be affected by other elements such as doors and windows.

Doors can be used to add interest in several ways. One way is to update it with a bit of paint. You can use a contrasting color, such as red or blue, to make the door more obvious and welcoming. A solid wooden door with a nice stain on it brings a bit of the natural into the mix, and usually looks very nice paired with trim that is painted a dark color such as hunter green or black. The trim can be changed to a contrasting color to make the door area really pop. If you can afford a major renovation, adding an exterior door with windows to the sides is one way to add both interest and a welcoming feel to your entry way. Repainting your door a bold color and adding your house number in large, white letters is another possibility for adding interest to your home’s exterior.

Windows are another focal point on the outside of your home. Adding a frame, shutters or trim in a color that stands out – either elegant or bold – will draw the eye to the windows. Window boxes can be added in which you can plant flowers for a bright splash of color. A topper or header along the top of the window will make the window appear taller by drawing the eye up. Other sorts of more elegant or elaborate accents can also be added to make the windows more interesting. Stained glass could be an option for some windows, as well, adding both interest and color. Changing the curtains, blinds and shades can also affect the interest of the windows. Adding hardware to the shutters to make them appear functional rather than simply decoration will make them more interesting.

A vine or ivy can be an addition to the exterior, around the doors and windows. However, it is important to be aware of the plant’s growth as some may work their way into cracks in the bricks or siding and cause problems. If you add a frame around the window and a non-intrusive vine, it will grow around the frame rather than on the actual building.

Adding interest to the exterior of your home can be simple or complicated – it all depends on your choices. Exterior house painting your Danville home is one of the easy ways to add interest, especially when involving your doors and windows.


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