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Home Painting Alamo – Treating Your Hallway like Other Rooms

Home Painting Alamo – Treating Your Hallway like Other Rooms

Home Painting Alamo – Treating Your Hallway like Other Rooms

While hallways are often seen as non-spaces when home painting in Alamo, they should not be ignored. You can treat your hallway as if it were another room in your house, because it actually is another room, or at least a room-like space. Your hallway should have style, just like the rest of your house. Even a hallway can be formal, bold, or just warm and welcoming.

The first thing to do is look at the size and shape of your hallway. Is it long and narrow, short and wide, or an odd shape? You can use paint and accessories to adjust the apparent size and shape of the space. Using light colors will expand the space. A narrow hall can be made to appear wider by using a different color on each long wall. If you prefer to make it feel cozy instead of trying to make it seem more spacious, a darker, warm color will do this. The end wall can be used as an accent wall, or a nice mirror can brighten the area and give it a focal point. Don’t ignore the ceiling, either, as its color will also affect the feel of the size of the hall. Good lighting will also help; track lighting, recessed lighting, or a simple but elegant chandelier will add character, and daylight bulbs will brighten a hallway with no windows.

When you know how you want the hallway to feel, then you can choose your colors. A color that can be reused in curtains (if there is a window), frames, or other accessories is a good choice, but don’t be afraid to use color. White can be a good choice in some situations, but there are so many other possibilities. Even if you want light colors, you can use brown, green, pink, blue, or yellow in many different light shades to get the feel you want. The cooler colors encourage trust and cheeriness, while the warmer colors are cozy and welcoming. Most hallways can be enhanced with a pattern or texture. If the area is wide, try horizontal stripes to lengthen it. If the hallway is narrow, vertical stripes may help it seem taller.

The trim affects the look and feel of a hallway just like it does any other room. You can use the same color for trim as you used on the walls if you want a seamless look. This is good if you plan to fill the walls with photographs or artwork. It offers a modern or soothing feel. More often people choose a contrasting color. The contrast can be subtle – just a shade or two different – or bold. You can use an opposite color (like plum with yellow) or a complementary color (such as hunter green with mint green). It makes most rooms seem warmer and calmer to have darker trim instead of lighter. Leaving trim a natural wood, when available, can also be quite pleasant.

No matter how you choose to do your home painting in Alamo, remember to give the hallway the attention it deserves by treating it just like any other room in your home.


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